How to Create a Chic Side Table | Easy Clothes Hanger Crafts

Got some old wooden hangers lying around? Don't throw them away just yet!

Today, I'll show you how to transform those hangers and a simple pizza pan into a stunning hanger table.

This clothes hanger crafts project is fun and easy and gives you a unique piece you can use as a side table or a plant stand.

Let's jump right in!

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Tools and Materials:

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How to make a hanger table

1. Prepare the Hangers

Grab some wooden hangers from the Dollar Store.

DIY clothes hanger projects

Use a hacksaw with a metal blade to score the metal hanger close to the wood.

Cutting the metal hook off a wooden hanger

Snap the metal part off carefully.

Removing the wooden bars from the hangers for our diy side table project

Then, remove the wooden bars along the bottom of the hangers by pulling them apart using a screwdriver.

Home decor hacks

You should be left with 4 pieces that look like the above.

Upcycled hanger side table

2. Attach the L Brackets

Grab a handful of metal L brackets.

Positioning an L bracket on a hanger

To join 2 hangers together, position a small metal L bracket off-center to the middle of the hanger with the L shape facing inward.

Drilling a pilot hole into the hanger

To avoid splitting the wood, drill a shallow pilot hole with a very small drill bit.

Repurposed home decor

Position the bracket in place and use short screws to secure it to the hanger.

Coat hanger crafts

Now, take a second hanger, place it perpendicular to the first, and mark the spot to drill the next hole.

Upcycling common home items

Drill a pilot hole into the second hanger

Wooden hanger DIY tutorial

Attach it to the first hanger using a screwdriver.

Homemade hanger furniture

Repeat the process with your other two hangers.

Hanger table project

3. Assemble the Table Base

Flip the hangers over so the tips are sitting on the table.

Upcycled hanger side table

Now, let's join these sets together using more L brackets.

The key here is to align the brackets on each set correctly. This time, attach the brackets, off center, to the other half of the hanger tops so you don't run into the previous screws.

Homemade table project

Pencil in pilot holes, drill them out, and attach another L bracket positioned so the part sticking up can connect to the other hanger set.

Upcycled pizza pan plant sand

Repeat this process on the second set of hangers.

How to build a side table from hangers and a pizza pan

Now, let's attach these two parts. Position them together, mark the pilot holes with a pencil, and drill them out.

DIY plant stand

Finally, align the pilot holes over the L brackets and use screws to join the pieces together.

DIY furniture ideas

Once all hanger sets are connected, slightly adjust them to ensure they can support the pizza pan on top.

Pizza pan upcycle idea

4. Attach the Pizza Pan

Now, get your pizza pan!

Placing the pizza pan on top of the hanger legs

Place the pizza pan on the wooden base, matching the pan holes to the center of the leg tops.

DIY wooden hanger crafts

Pre-drill pilot holes into all four hanger tops.

Clothes hanger repurposing ideas

Secure the pizza pan to the legs with screws.

Modern plant stand tutorial

The piece can be used with just the pizza pan top, turning it into a plant stand.

Wooden hanger crafts

Another option is to add a wooden round and use it as a side table.

More Hanger Craft Ideas!

Check out this Hanger Nightstand tutorial for another innovative way to use wooden hangers in your home decor!

DIY hanger side table tutorial

Clothes Hanger Crafts: DIY a Unique Side Table

And there you have it—a versatile piece that can be used as a diy side table or even a plant stand.

I hope this project inspires you to try out more clothes hanger crafts and see what other creative and functional items you can make.

Creative hanger furniture ideas

This hanger table is a perfect addition to any room, offering both style and utility.

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    so clever - yes I will try this - patio tables with lawn furniture
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    You don’t have to saw off the metal hanger part, they unscrew.
    • Hi Polly! On these particular hangers, they just turned endlessly without coming out. So should you land some of those, sawing them off is a breeze!