People are crazy for white ship-lapped walls

This focal wall trend that began in 2016 is totally here to stay. Get tutorial here

Classic fireplaces are back this year

People are switching their dark TV screens for a warmer, welcoming area that invites you to chat. Get tutorial here

Designed fabric is filling up walls

Instead of pictures or art, bright woven fabrics are the new trend for eye-catching wall decor. Get tutorial here

We're loving dusky blue on walls

Pantone’s new beachy shade, which emanates tranquility and calmness, is the color for bedrooms. Get tutorial here

Gardening is going indoors with herbs

Although usually a trend in the summer, herbs are staying all year long. Get tutorial here

Gold accents are switching to copper

Metallic colors are here to stay, but copper and brass are now front and center. Get tutorial here

Geometric shapes are taking over everything

This new trend combines modern and industrial with funky shapes and designs for any taste. Get tutorial here

Rough wood is the new style for furniture

Natural wood is both rustic and unique, it’s no wonder why we’re loving the grain look. Get tutorial here

Words and letters are the new wall decor

We're loving this inspirational words and cute letters trend. Get tutorial here

Marble is making a comeback in a tiny way

While a lot of marble can be expensive, a clock or tray adds that luxurious feel for so much less. Get tutorial here

Bathroom mirrors are no longer rectangular

Goodbye, boring mirrors! Cool shapes and frames are totally taking over. Get tutorial here