Acrylic Paint Storage - Easy to See Colour!

by Teresa
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I always have a mess of paint, and sometimes because I cannot find one, I buy another and end up with numerous containers of the same colour - which is not bad if it is a colour you use often, but if its puce?!?!?!
My mess of paint.
Cans and a roll of tack paper ( self adhesive)
Measure your can
Cut strips of self adhesive tack paper
cut each strip to the right size to go around your cans
roll onto can
Like this...
Cut more paper when you run out - or get more cans!
I put the paints in cap first so I can easily see what colours of paint I have. I am not quite finished as we need to eat more canned food before I can be done, need 5 more but think I will do 10, now that I can see them all, I want more colours!
I added this picture after the fact.. I needed 2 bigger cans and so used a large coffee can, and cut the metal rim off, papered it the same way and presto, a can for 6-8 ounce paints!
Suggested materials:
  • Empty cans
  • Self adhesive paper
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  • Candy Walsh Candy Walsh on Jan 14, 2017
    That's a great idea for the small bottles (especially storing them upside down). Do you have any ideas for the 8 oz or bigger chalk, etc type paint bottles?
  • Dmo8671202 Dmo8671202 on Jul 10, 2017

    What size cans are you using to get 5 cans inside

  • Doreen Kennedy Doreen Kennedy on Mar 26, 2023

    I like your idea. Did you adhere your cans to each other or a wall? I was thinking of maybe screwing cans into a large board so I could hang on the wall. I’m going to have to save a lot of cans.😊

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  • Brenda L Herrling Brenda L Herrling on Dec 16, 2019

    I was just thinking I needed a way to store all of my acrylic paints. Great share.

    • Teresa Teresa on Dec 16, 2019

      Thank you, i like that i can see what colour i have.

  • April April on Oct 06, 2020

    I love it! The only thing I would change would be to have the bottom of the cans tilt downward as much as possible and still be able to see the colors - this ensures the paint will always be at the lid and that film that inevitably forms will be on the bottom of the paint bottle. I always store my acrylic paints and craft glues upside-down. In fact, with craft glue (like Aleene's tacky, or other brands and even wood glue, I store it with the lid on, upside down in a glass jar or mug, then, when I'm actively using it, I leave the lid off and always put it upside down in the container- this helps in 2 ways: 1) You won't have to wait for the glue to come back to the tip each time you pick it up and, 2) the film that forms in the glue bottle will be on the bottom of the glue, not on the top, blocking it from coming out. You will lose a little glue in the bottom of the glass, while you're working, but the minutes and hours saved by not having to wait and pound on the glue is well worth it! When I'm finished using the glue, I wipe the outside of the top clean and, if needed, use a toothpick and run it around the inside of the tip to clean out any partially dried glue, replace the lid, and put it back, upside- down in its jar. I generally lose the lid before I finish using all the glue (or, I use that perfect lid as a miniature Styrofoam coffee cup in a miniature scene!,) so, a little glue will build up in the tip, but this is easily removed with a large needle, paper clip, or bobby pin. I can't imagine how many hours I have saved when painting and gluing by always leaving the bottles upside‐down!