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I love to decorate for the holidays !!! ......Taking down all the usual suspects on my walls, and replacing it all with themed projects , making everything seem just so festive. Here's a cool wall art project, that's not only fun, but colorful and inspirational ! Happy Thanksgiving !

I just LOVE the vibrant Fall colors, and miss them so, now that we live in Florida. Thanks to UNiCORN SPiT, I can recreate the colors of the season in my own home ! Grab your autumn pallet and a sign board for this colorful wall art project !

Using syringes, I splattered my colors all over my wood canvas. I did dilute my SPiT colors about 30% with plain water prior to application. I also gave the entire board a light misting of water before going on to the next step.

I covered my project with plastic, and moved my hands over the covered surface until my colors were blended, but still individually noticeable. Over blending can cause "muddy" colors.

Dollar store trash bags are the perfect plastic for this project. They are strong enough to not tear, but translucent enough to keep an eye on the blending going on underneath !

the plastic is removed, revealing your first artistic step. It sort of looks like an Autumn inspired tye-dye !

I love the blending, and you just never know what patterns will emerge !

Using card stock in my printer, I printed some leaf outlines. There are so many to choose from; simply Google "leaf outlines". I recommend choosing the ones that won't frustrate you while cutting them out :)

Once my wood canvas is completely dry.. {yes, it was a beautiful day, and I sped up my drying time in the sun}, Apply a light coat of oil based polyurethane. Allow that to dry as well.

Arrange your leaf cut-outs around the border of your canvas, or in the corners. Get Creative, but leave some space in the middle for your saying !

Grab your favorite paint ! Chalk, Milk, doesn't matter !!! They will all look mazing as you dry brush over your project. HINT: Hold the leaves with one hand, and dry brush over them with the other

remove your cut outs to reveal your beautiful fall leaves !

This one is my favorite !!! Notice the hints of color peering through your dry brushed paint it some dimension, and a little more color !

Next, I printed a sign I found in a Google search, and used transfer paper and an ordinary pen to write my sentiment in the middle of my project.

I grabbed my detail brush, and my brown SPiT, and began to go over my transferred image. Slow and Steady !!!

Gorgeous and Inspirational wall art. Hand made and heartfelt !

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