An Easy Garden Brazier

Stephen Taylor
by Stephen Taylor
Tonights project :- with the fire season fast approaching I thought I would make a brazier to burn garden rubbish:
I used the stainless drum from a washing machine (a tumble drier would be better but this was free and available), 3 x threaded gas pipe legs from bunnings (about $10 each) and caps to fasten inside ($2:50 ea)
Bopped a few air holes (wouldn't be necessary with tumble drier drum) and half an hour it was done.
I was fairly disappointed as I didn't hurt myself and no DIY is any good without a bit of blood, then fortunately managed to cut my thumb while assembling ---- so successful job!!!
Tools and stuff

Drill and hole saw

Old Washing Machine or Tumble Drier Drum

Legs (threaded gas pipe) and end caps


that's it
So I bopped 3 holes in the bottom with the hole saw a wee bit smaller than the gas pipe and screwed them in
Like That^
I put the end caps (on the inside end) to tighten up the legs, I may buy 3 more end caps for the bottom of the legs to finish off
Then I drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom 1/3 to promote air flof for a decent burn, (if I had a tumble drier drum then this would be unecessary as they already have plenty of holes)
And there she is , 1/2 an hour and a tiny amount of blood, I'll let you know how she goes next week when the fire restrictions are lifted!!
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  • Emma Vincent Emma Vincent on Mar 29, 2016
    Wonderful post Stephen..!!Thank-you for posting this, I have an old washing machine drum that has been sat in my back garden for some time..! I want to turn it into a burner as well but didn't want to have to pay to have legs welded have just solved that problem for me with your amazing gas pipe idea..can't wait to try it..!! Also am going to spray my drum with heat resistant paint which I hope will make it last a bit longer..!!
    • Stephen Taylor Stephen Taylor on Mar 29, 2016
      @Emma Vincent Being stainless steel should last a while and if not... well there's plenty more at the dump
  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Mar 29, 2016
    That is such a brilliant repurpose!