How to Decorate a Bird Cage With Artificial Flowers

by Sarinasala1
2 Materials
1 Hour
I love any type of birdcages .My aunt gave me a birdcage for Christmas.Bird cages have many decorative functions and are becoming popular at weddings as a centrepiece , they can be used to create a vintage lighting look or even hung outdoors as garden decorations. They can even be used indoors hung from a corner of a room . I’m going to decorate my bird cage with Artificial flowers, butterflies and whatever else I can find to add on. Then I’ll hang my birdcage indoors to display it in one of the rooms.
What you’ll need.
1) Bird cage - come in all sizes and colours
2) Artificial flowers of your choice
3) Clip butterflies
4) You can add more to the birdcage if you like for example little birds and other decorations of your choice.
5) Foam block
6) Scissors

How to make
1) Place the foam in the bottom of the birdcage and insert the faux flowers into the foam spacing it out even.
Work from the bottom to the top and angle the stems upward.

2) Give the birdcage a fuller look
3)Then you can add on other decorations of your choice.Im useing butterflies,

4) Project finished and now it’s ready to ha g up.
Suggested materials:
  • Artificial flowers   (Reject shop)
  • Butterflies   (Discount)
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