Bend Dollar Store cooling racks into shelves

Pick up a few Dollar Store cooling racks for this brilliant pantry door storage hack. Get tutorial here

Make a magnetic board inside your cabinet

Put up a magnetic sheet inside your cabinet door for hidden spice stowage. Get tutorial here

Build a giant frame of racks for an open wall

Put IKEA spice racks in a frame, so you can hang them on any wall you need. Get tutorial here

Turn your spice collection into wall decor

Put nails up in your kitchen wall to hold clear, simple glass jars full of spices. Get tutorial here

Put extra shelves against a cabinet side

Add a few shallow ledges to the side of your cabinets for easy spice shelves. Get tutorial here

Make a small & handy set using test tubes

Craft a delicate set of spice shakers out of test tubes and copper shaker tops. Get tutorial here

Turn your backsplash into a magnetic rack

Make use of wasted backsplash space, by putting up a magnetic boards for shakers. Get tutorial here

Reuse glass jars for an organized set up

Turn empty glass jars into spacious spice containers that look clean & chic. Get tutorial here

Cut a custom spice rack from a pallet

This spice rack doubles as a wine holder, and if you've got an extra pallet handy, it's free! Get tutorial here

Put together a pegboard organizer

Get a pegboard and some hooks, for this easy and rearrangeable storage set up. Get tutorial here