Paint the risers with bold chevron

This just takes paint, but it will stop guests at the door. Get tutorial here

Lay down a colorful runner

This is even more magnificent if you pair it will an loud accent wall like this! Get tutorial here

Choose a soothing grey palette

Here's a combo that will give your home a farmhouse feel. Get tutorial here

Stencil a set of plywood risers

If your hallway needs a pop of color, this will do it. Get tutorial here

Strip and stain your carpeted stairs

Rip away that old, ratty carpet and stain the steps underneath. Get tutorial here

Give old stairs a facelift with a DIY runner

If you can't find a runner you like, put together your own with rugs and carpet tape. Get tutorial here

Paint your stairs to look like real wood

Going for the natural look? Instead of stripping the paint, fake the look. Get tutorial here

Cover risers in strips of wallpaper

This is perfect if you have leftover wallpaper scraps. Get tutorial here

Stencil a delicate pattern on blank risers

Make a cohesive design with a ton of color for a bright decor pop! Get tutorial here

Add a bit of glamour with metallic paint

This lighter look will add just the right amount of class to your boring stairway. Get tutorial here

Stick strips of fun fabric over the risers

The best part about this makeover? It's totally reversible and easy! Get tutorial here

Turn the stairs into paper bag floors

Makeover the treads of your staircase with paper bags, and update the risers with wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Use a mixture of salvaged & stained wood

Raid your scrap pile for some fun and colorful strips, then build this look. Get tutorial here