Put a tiny waterfall pond beside your door

Fill garden space with a mini trickling feature instead of a garden for unique curb appeal. Get tutorial here

Turn a large plastic bin into a mini pond

Put a huge plastic container in the garden & line it with stones for an instant pond. Get tutorial here

Upcycle a teapot into a rustic fountain

Turn a raised teapot into a flowing and fun fountain for a colorful garden highlight. Get tutorial here

Run a fountain through tall standing stones

Plan your own custom light & water feature to give outdoor spaces a little bit of ambiance. Get tutorial here

Flip an old hot tub into a plant pond

Buying a new pond is an expense, but you can turn an old spa or hot tub into a pond with ease! Get tutorial here

Craft a globe-shaped bubbling ball

This bubbling beauty is a gentle, serene way to add water charm to your yard. Get tutorial here

Stack flower-filled buckets into a tower

Combine a garden and water feature by filling your makeshift fountain with flowers. Get tutorial here