Make It Sparkling With Hydrogen Peroxide

Get rid of any rust and mold stains with this hack. Get tutorial here

Jazz It Up With Some Tile

This easy solution is a simple way to add style on a budget. Get tutorial here

Create A Scrub To Easily Clean It

A homemade, chemical-free, soft scrub is just what you need to get your tub looking and smelling fresh. Get tutorial here

Make It Shine With A Powerball

This polishing ball is a great way to make your tub feel like new without all the scrubbing. Get tutorial here

Clean Your Drain With This Hack

Sometimes all your need is a clean drain for a new-feeling bathroom. Get tutorial here

Paint It A New Color

Your tub will look brand new without all the effort. Get tutorial here

Build Your Own Bathtub Shelf

Relax even more in your bathtub with a shelf to hold your drink and book. Get tutorial here

Add A Cool Shower Curtain

Glam up your shower and bathroom with a cool patterned curtain. Get tutorial here

Or Paint The Side Of Your Tub With A Design

This simple decor upgrades your tub without any grunt work. Get tutorial here

Paint The Tiles For A Clean Finish

The walls will totally make your tub look new. Get tutorial here

Build A Custom Frame

Use vinyl by Azek and glue the panel to side of the tub with silicone adhesive. Get tutorial here

Clean Your Porcelain Tub

Porcelain tubs are fragile, use ammonia and lemon oil with a soft sponge to clean off the grime. Get tutorial here

Turn Your Bath Into A Sofa

Cut and smooth out the edges to your tub, then add paint and some cushions. Get tutorial here

Revamp The Bathtub

Use a chocolate tile mosaic to make your tub look rustic. Get tutorial here

Learn To Unclog Your Drain

Get rid of hair and guck by removing the overflow cover plate and taking out grime with pliers. Get tutorial here

Craft A Bath For The Birds

Attach a gum pole to a pallet connected to a mini tub with a metallic paint. Get tutorial here

Build A Fire Pit

Surround an unused tub with cinder blocks and build a warm fire inside. Get tutorial here

Remove Your Fiberglass Tub

Disconnect the tub drain, unscrew the overflow, and smash the tile wall. Get tutorial here

Know How To Re-Caulk Your Bath

First apply caulk softener, remove the old, and fill you tub with water as you apply the new caulk. Get tutorial here

Make Your Tub Stone

Apply faux stone detailing by planning out the layout of Airstone and applying caulk to each stone. Get tutorial here

Design A Beautiful Spa Bath

Put monochromatic tiles around your tub and grout the area. Get tutorial here

Update Your Tub For Less

Use the Rustoleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit to apply 2 coats with an hour of drying. Get tutorial here

Make A Clawfoot Lounge

Make a sofa out of your tub by cutting down the shape with a grinder and smoothing to finish. Get tutorial here

Decorate With Affordable Tile

Purchase tile sheets at $8.96 per sheet and slice with sheers, then apply with tile adhesive. Get tutorial here

Give Your Tub A Deep Clean

Use a repair kit to bring it back to shine, and bleach the tile. Get tutorial here

Fix A Plumbing Leak

Save a pipe by adding fire and metal into the hole, and slipping it back into place. Get tutorial here

Transform The Tub Into Santa’s Sleigh

For the holidays, paint it bright red and add Christmas lights. Get tutorial here

Eliminate Water Spots

Scrub the spot with lemon till sparkling clean. Get tutorial here