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Pam Nichols
by Pam Nichols
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Our bathtub needed to be torn out by the builder due to a gouge. The outside face plate was tiled to match the bathtub surround. Due to the location of the faucet I decided that we should have an access panel for any problem with the faucet later on. So...I found wooden mosiac tile that was dark brown to match our espresso cabinets across from the tub. They were easy to install and they are accessible to plumbing. I think they are a new design technique to spruce up the front of a bathtub. For all of you that like the white shiplap you can paint the wood white or whitewash.
Tub was removed and replaced by builder due to defect. Notice the plumbing behind front panel. Prior to this photo the front was all tile, very nice, but not removable for plumbing repairs.
Tile on surround sound done!
Tub surround had original tile replaced. Faucet was replaced. Sorry, I have no photos while installing wooden tile panels. Wooden tile was purchased from tile store.
We installed wooden tile pieces over a cheap
We then added the wooden tile squares 12×12" to the front of bathtub, after the builder put on a cheap wood front for us, with one part that unscrews to reveal the plumbing (like a small door). We then attached the wooden tile to the front with adhesive.
End result, love it!
Finished look. You can also seal the wood. We found sealer for wood products at home improvement store.
Suggested materials:
  • Adhesive, wooden interlocking tile panels 12×12", brass screws to open panel. I used a saw to cut panels.   (Wooden 12×12 interlocking tile panels came from Floor & Decor. Adhesive was purchased there too. Sealer was purchased at Lowes, I believe.)
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  • Kathryn Sanderson Kathryn Sanderson on Apr 07, 2017

    Glad to hear it! What kind of sealer?

  • Loi21243069 Loi21243069 on Apr 09, 2017

    Thanks, but still don't understand. How were you able to remove the tiles around the top of the original tub so that, as you said, you replaced them around the new tub. What type of saw or tool was used ?

  • Precious22 Precious22 on Apr 30, 2020

    You really gave no info about what kind of tile, where to get it, waterproof. It looks nice but where is the info.

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  • Alice Alice on May 01, 2018

    Gorgeous !!!

  • Barbara Prusinski Barbara Prusinski on Nov 15, 2018

    We just had a remodel of our bathroom after a fire. We had a jetted tub installed and tiled all around it. I Never gave it a thought to have an access panel if problems should arise. What a costly mess you must of had.

    The problem with tile though, it constantly is discontinued and you would have to have the whole room retailed

    again just because they didn’t build an access panel, Maybe I would just retile the tub surround all white to blend with the white tub. I guess we’d figure it out. You certainly gave me something to think about now. Thanks for posting.