Painted Shower Tile

2 Materials
3 Days

If you’ve ever wanted to give your shower a simple makeover, this DIY tutorial is for you! We decided to paint the tile in our downstairs bathroom and are so excited about the turnout!


A drill to remove the plumbing fixtures

Painters Tape

Paint Brush

Paint Roller

Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit – Epoxy Acrylic Formula

Caulk (if epoxy does not stick in certain spots)

Highly Recommended: Mask or Air Purifier to help with fumes.



Before you begin, Read all instructions on the box. Clean your shower with Comet and lightly sand to ensure the product bonds well to the tile. This will also create a smooth paint application.

It’s important to remove the trim and the plumbing fixtures before doing anything else! Since the tile will be painted, the faucet and other fixtures need to be dissembled before paint is applied. This part was pretty simple for me to handle on my own, though Kyle was there to supervise!

Next, tape off the edges of the shower with painter’s tape. If you are unable to remove your shower curtain, be sure to tape that too!

Then it’s time to cut in the edges with a brush before rolling on the paint! We used Rustoleum Tub and Tile Epoxy Acrylic Formula as our paint! 3 total coats are to be applied, however, let the paint dry for several hours between coats. The paint needs to cure for at least 48 hours before the shower can be used again.

Mask or air filter highly recommend for the fumes (follow all instructions on the box).

If your tile dries and there’s a spot where the epoxy is not sticking, rub a small amount of caulk over the spot and let dry. Once dry, apply another coat of paint and it should stick! See picture below for reference.



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  • Jamie Morrison Jamie Morrison on Apr 24, 2021

    Do you think this could be done on tile flooring in the shower ? Does the tile need to be a particular tile for it to work?

  • Shuganne Shuganne on Apr 24, 2021

    Very nice project! Would it have worked on the tub, too, or would it have needed a different product?

    Did you use a Turkish towel for your shower curtain? I love the fringe!

    (My cat would have loved it, too. He ate fringe, ribbons, drawstrings, anything he could reach in the closet. I once found half a shoe string in his litter box. Eww!)

  • Jennifer Hayes Jennifer Hayes on Apr 25, 2021

    Will it work on a fiberglass insert?


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