Add some bright and colorful art

A fun and colorful sign is just what you need to perk up your dingy laundry room. Get tutorial here

Paint the walls with a pattern

Even in this small closet, the new paint job changed it dramatically. Get tutorial here

Add some extra shelves with brackets

If your laundry room is as small as this one, extra shelf space is a huge game changer. Get tutorial here

Keep everything in wired baskets

An organized laundry room is the key to a happy laundry room. Keep it organized with bins. Get tutorial here

Install some cube shelves and add trim

Depending on the type you get, and the tools you have, this upgrade costs less than $100. Get tutorial here

Keep a cute place for lost items

We love this area for lost items and socks! It’s so brilliant, and it keeps your laundry room decluttered. Get tutorial here

Or have a place for lost change

We love this sign. It adds personality to the laundry room and gives a place for all those pennies. Get tutorial here

Match your colored appliances

Simply matching the cabinets to the appliances with a light green background transformed this closet. Get tutorial here

Use matching bins and baskets for everything

Your messy and dark laundry room will look brighter and cleaner in no time. Get tutorial here

Dress up your entryway with a barndoor

It’s pretty, it’s farmhouse, and it even saves space! Get tutorial here

Add a cute barnwood sign

A little bit of decor goes a long way. Especially in a dark and dingy laundry room. Get tutorial here