Use S Hooks to alternate what you store

Removable S Hooks are perfect for hanging cups, towels, or adding additional space . Get tutorial here

Bend the bottom of forks & hang them

Paint a pallet sign then use a metal conduit to bend the forks, adhere them to the sign and voila! Get tutorial here

Or do the same to your spoons for aprons

Bend old spoons and attach them to pallet board in order to hang your extra aprons. Get tutorial here

Spray paint an old shutter door & add hooks

Shutter doors are amazing to reuse! Lean against a wall, glue command hooks, clothes pins and magnets. Get tutorial here

Create a measuring hook board

Grab some hot glue, staples, dowels and vinyl prints of your measuring cups to keep track. Get tutorial here

Or do the same on the inside of your cabinet

Drill holes into to your cabinet door, paint it in chalk paint & add picture frame hooks. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a coat rack or trivet

Spray paint an expanding rack, nail it to the wall & then use the hooks to mount cups. Get tutorial here

Attach vintage herb crates to coat hooks

Adhere to the wall with command hooks and store your herbs, jars, crockery, shakers and linens. Get tutorial here

Mount a basket with twine & small screw hooks

Raise a hanging wire basket with mini hooks into the bottom of your shelf and voila! Get tutorial here

Add coat hooks to a pallet board shelf

Stagger the hooks when screwing them to the pallet board to optimize space. Get tutorial here

Loop curtain hooks on a pipe rod

This craft room idea is perfect for the kitchen! Spray paint a pipe rod gold, & attach curtain hooks. Get tutorial here

Adhere coat hooks to a coffee station

Stain a pallet and add the hooks. Create a customized box for your k-cups. Too cool! Get tutorial here

Set up a pot hanger with shower hooks

Repurpose a window frame, attach rods and slide some hooks on it to hang your set of pots. Get tutorial here