How to Remove a Fiberglass Bathtub and Surround in 60 Minutes

60 Minutes
Wanna remodel your bathroom? The first step is to demo and that begins with your bathtub. Watch a professional bathroom remodeler do remove a fiberglass bathtub and surround. You'll see step-by-step exactly what to tackle first and what tools will make it easy.
Disconnect the tub drain using a tub drain remover tool like this one.
Unscrew the overflow cover plate from the tub.
Remove the tub spout. Turn it counterclockwise. If there's a set screw, loosen it with an Allen wrench.
Remove the faucet handle and trim piece.
Remove the shower head and shower arm.
Smash the tile or drywall that's above the fiberglass surround.
Dislodge the nails that hold the surround to the studs.
Cut the corners of the fiberglass surround.
Watch the complete step-by-step video tutorial.
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  • Shaina Shaina on May 05, 2017

    Does the water need to be shut off to do this?

  • Kim21015324 Kim21015324 on Jun 04, 2017

    how do I remove a cast iron tub? its too small & want a full shower floor instead

  • Kitty Bodiddlie Kitty Bodiddlie on Jun 11, 2017

    I f tub has a crack, do you replace entire Fiberglass shower/tub ? With another FiberGlass unit? Tub was repaired before. Waste of time and money.

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  • Wendy Stoop-Hrechka Wendy Stoop-Hrechka on Jun 04, 2017

    I wouldn't be cutting it with the saw, you don't know what's behind the wall electrical, shocking experience... Not a great idea...

  • Paula Bois-Brady Paula Bois-Brady on Apr 30, 2022

    Prior to cutting the fiberglass, your First step should be to put on a mask. You DO NOT want to breath in fiberglass. Really bad for your lungs. I made this mistake and 4 years later, I still have problems and will have for rest of my life.