Get the soap scum off your shower doors

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s soap scum and water residue on shower doors. Get tutorial here

Make baked-on oven mess easier to remove

And while you’re at it, use baking soda to clean your oven racks too. Get tutorial here

Make fizzing bombs to get a sparkling toilet

These fizzing toilet bombs are all you need to get that toilet sparkly and clean. Get tutorial here

Mix a fresh spray to banish mattress stains

You’ll sleep much better knowing how clean your mattress is. Get tutorial here

Clean your glass stove with it

A simple baking soda and water paste will scrub that glass until it is see-through. Get tutorial here

Shine your bathtub and sinks

This soft scrub will get even the toughest stains out. Get tutorial here

Or whiten your bath tile and tub

It’s basically the only cleaner you need for your bathroom. Get tutorial here

Scrub the grime from your grout and tile

Get out those stains and dirt with this brilliant hack. Get tutorial here

Mix up an easy air freshener

Banish those yucky odors with this super easy fix. Get tutorial here

Get rid of pet stains on your carpet

It’s a whole lot cheaper than fitting a new carpet, or replacing it with hardwood floors. Get tutorial here

Unclog and clean your drain with it

If your sink keeps getting clogged, this is the best eco-friendly way to clean it. Get tutorial here

Freshen your carpets and rugs

Get that mildewy smell out of your home. Get tutorial here

Keep your fridge smelling clean and fresh

You can also use baking soda to clean grease and other foods that might have spilled. Get tutorial here

Make your bath bubbly and luxurious

I would never have thought of using baking soda in a bubble bath, but it totally works. Get tutorial here