How to Build a Rustic Bed Table: DIY Woodworking for Beginners

Looking for easy woodworking projects? Ever considered making your own DIY bed tray?

Today, I'll guide you through a simple yet practical project using reclaimed wood boards and paper towel holders.

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Tools and Materials:

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Paper towel holder hacks

1. Prepare the Paper Towel Holders

Begin by placing four paper towel holders on a flat surface. Gently bend them to ensure they are all at the same angle, which is crucial for stability.

Paint the paper towel holders

Then, spray paint each holder black for a sleek finish.

Side support boards and screws ready for prepping

2. Prepare the Wood Surface

Next, cut three planks to equal lengths and two side support pieces to the combined width of the three planks.

The planks will form the coffee table, while the supports will run along all three planks to hold them together.

Cut the boards to size

Ensure the planks are of the same thickness to guarantee a flat surface for the table.

Easy woodworking project

Lightly sand them using an orbital sander for a smooth texture.

Three larger boards positioned on top of two support boards

3. Assemble the Table Platform

Position the two side support boards side by side.

Predrill holes for screws

Then, place the three larger boards on top, ensuring the good side is facing down.

Inserting screws into boards and supports

Pre-drill holes to prevent wood splitting when inserting screws.

Personalize the top of the coffee tray with a stencil

4. Add a Decorative Touch

Now, flip your table top over.

Coffee stencil ready for painting on the wood surface

Place a coffee stencil in the middle of the boards.

Decorate the tabletop with a coffee stencil

Use a stencil brush to transfer the paint onto the wood.

Flip the table top over with the back facing you

Remove the stencil to reveal a crisp coffee sign image, adding a decorative touch to your bed table.

Attaching legs to the coffee tray

5. Attach the Paper Towel Holders

Position each paper towel holder in the corners of the table, with the angles pointing towards the outer corners.

DIY coffee tray

Layer two wood shims and attach them to the surface using screws for added stability.

Crafting your own bed table or bed tray couldn't be simpler or more affordable.

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Enjoy breakfast in bed with your own rustic bed tray

DIY Bed Tray Tutorial Using Paper Towel Holders

With just a few materials and basic woodworking skills, you can create a stylish and practical addition to your home.

DIY bed tray

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out in the comments below!

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