Place it in the garage as a tool organizer

Stand all your various gardening and DIYing tools in a large pallet for the easiest organizer imaginable. Get tutorial here

Make standing planter art

Add tin cans to your pallet to create this sweet, welcoming planter for spring! Get tutorial here

Stand a few together to make a home bar

Turn a few plain pallets into a simple fun bar for your basement or kitchen. Get tutorial here

Turn two into a cozy daybed

Pair 2 pallets into a cozy daybed, perfect for adding more snuggle space to your living room. Get tutorial here

Line up a few for a backyard fence

Create a large wooden fence on the very cheap, by lining your yard with chicken wire-backed pallets. Get tutorial here

Keep one outside for an easy Tiki bar

Get your outdoor space ready for warm weather entertaining, with a simple tiki bar from pallets. Get tutorial here

Fill one with planters for an easy garden

Make a pretty standing garden feature for your outdoor space, with a plant-filled pallet. Get tutorial here

Turn a collection into classy outdoor seating

This outdoor sectional is made from stacked up pallets, then covered with pretty rounded wood pieces. Get tutorial here

Make a balcony planter for small spaces

Add a garden to your tight spots, like an apartment balcony, with a small pallet-turned-planter. Get tutorial here

Add legs to make a dining table with storage

Add height to a few pallets and top it off with a glass cover, for a storage-friendly table. Get tutorial here

Stack up two & paint for a chic coffee table

Give any seating space a cute and chunky coffee table using two pallets and some paint. Get tutorial here

Paint a large seasonal sign for the porch

Celebrate for any season or holiday, by turning one large pallet into beautiful porch decor. Get tutorial here

Stand one in the entryway as a console table

Paint a pallet, stand it up, and add a wooden tabletop - ta da! Adorable entryway. Get tutorial here

Lay out a few for a raised wooden deck

Securely lay down a few strong pallets across your yard for this brilliant make-shift deck DIY. Get tutorial here

Fill one with soil and blooming flowers

Add some gardening material to the back of your pallet, then load it up with soil and flowers! Get tutorial here

Hang one on the wall as a display shelf

Hang a plain old pallet right on the wall, to display your favorite treasures and collections. Get tutorial here