A big gallery wall of family pictures

This 20 foot wall is the perfect space to show off all those family photos sitting in storage. Get tutorial here

A cascading wall of loving words and photos

Mixed in with family photos, this is a great way to fill that blank space. Get tutorial here

A statement wall with two-toned stencils

This simple design makes your wall go from blah and boring to beautiful and bold. Get tutorial here

A place for your favorite quote

Taking random pieces of junk and transforming them into decor is a great way to personalize your home. Get tutorial here

A makeover with vintage keys

You wouldn’t think of keys being so decorative, but they really make a statement. Get tutorial here

A staggering effect of rustic fence boards

You can hang up whatever you want and stencil your favorite sayings. Get tutorial here

A painted accent wall in different shapes

Your guests will love the honeycomb effect with different colors. Get tutorial here

A unique design out of stained wood

This hometalker chose to create a tobacco basket, but any design would be an eye catcher here. Get tutorial here

A place to hang a dramatic chandelier

With the Paris themed photos and leopard runner, this stairway has drama written all over it. Get tutorial here

A tri-colored stencil design

This accented wall is the first thing you look at when you walk in. Get tutorial here

A gallery of different shaped mirrors

This unique idea not only adds style to you blank wall, but also makes any area look bigger. Get tutorial here

A collection of rustic painted signs

This is a great alternative to photos, and it has rustic written all over it. Get tutorial here

A place to draw with chalk

Give your kids (and yourself) a place to doodle in your home that still looks cool. Get tutorial here

A place to hang a statement piece

Something like these vintage chairs will definitely add excitement to any blank wall. Get tutorial here