A Peacock Feather Allover Stenciled Accent Wall

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A stenciled accent wall is the perfect way to add just the right amount of pattern and color to any space. And to prove our point today we're sharing an accent wall that was stenciled with our trendy Peacock Feather Allover Stencil. Come take a look...
We'd like you to meet Mysha, the home decor enthusiast and DIY lover behind the blog Remington Avenue. Mysha has been working on turning her new house into her perfect home with one DIY project at a time.
One the list was the stairway wall which faced the open living room. Here is a snapshot of the space:
The space behind the couch felt dull and lacked personality. Mysha had already painted the banisters white and while it had brightened up the area, she still felt it needed a wall pattern. Mysha had commented on Instagram, " I love to mix different textures and prints and variations of color!" Needless to say, a wall stencil and Mysha were the perfect match. After searching our wall stencils collection, she fell in love with a trendy geometric pattern, the Peacock Feather Allover Stencil.
She used blue painters tape to adhere her stencil to her accent wall. This worked best in keeping the large peacock feather pattern in place. Then she used a roller to paint the stencil pattern. Mysha painted the feather pattern using three Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors: gold, Aubusson blue, and dark gray. She was careful not to load too much paint on her roller because this would have cause the design to bleed. Here she is working through the stenciling process.
After each section was painted, she would untape the stencil and realign to continue the pattern. Mysha did this until her entire accent wall was painted.
Once her entire accent wall was stenciled, Mysha added some patterned throw pillows and a potted plant
The navy and gold stenciled wall adds a dramatic flair to this once lackluster space. Mysha commented, " I've just finished this fun stencil treatment on my staircase wall. I would do it again!"
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  • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Sep 14, 2016
    Beautiful! But how did she get so close to the railing coming out of the wall?

    • Cutting Edge Stencils Cutting Edge Stencils on Sep 15, 2016
      Hi Barb in Texas, Our stencils are pliable and will bend into corners. Also we include a top edge that is really helpful with stenciling in tight spaces like that. Hope that helps!