Turn it into diagonal space

You can’t store as many bottle upright as you can when they’re lying down. Get tutorial here

Get extra space above your sink

Fit little shelves in small spaces , even if you can’t fit cabinets. Get tutorial here

Display your serving dishes within reach

You can take them out of storage without using up space. Get tutorial here

Condense your dishes into two shelves

This would normally go on three cabinet shelves, but these spacious shelves make it seem less. Get tutorial here

Use them to display artwork

They’ll hold your dishes and display artwork at the same time. Get tutorial here

Place open shelving above your fridge

You can see everything and get it with ease. Get tutorial here

Show off your colorful dishes

This makeover removed an entire cabinet section and allowed for a colorful room. Get tutorial here

Make them out of brass or copper

Who says open shelves need to be wood? These are stunning, even without anything on them. Get tutorial here

Open tight and cramped spaces

The open shelving made the countertop more accessible and less protruding. Get tutorial here

Add a layer underneath cabinets

You can double the amount of storage with an extra shelf like this. Get tutorial here

Keeps a minimalistic look

Instead of a cramped look these shelves allowed this family to downsize all of their clutter. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a coffee corner

Instead of a boring cabinet, these shelves became a fun and adorable coffee corner. Get tutorial here

Place your house decor on it

It’s not only a place for your dishes, it adds a nice touch that won’t be covered up by cabinets. Get tutorial here