Break up dishes for a mosaic stepping stone

Turn crushed plate shards and concrete into romantic stepping stones for the garden. Get tutorial here

Upgrade boring dishes with a coloring book

Cut a pretty pattern out of a coloring book for this pretty makeover. Get tutorial here

Hang a bunch of plates as a wall collage

Buy as many cheap thrift store plates as you can find, for this wall collage. Get tutorial here

Craft an upcycled wind chime for the porch

Stack up some dishes and hang utensils, for a fun outdoor upcycle. Get tutorial here

Paint a plate into a useful chalkboard

Turn the inside of an inexpensive plate or platter into an impromptu chalkboard. Get tutorial here

Put together a high-end glass cloche

The cloche look is beautiful, but it can get pricey. Make your own instead! Get tutorial here

Turn a wood bowl into a unique salad server

Cover a cheapo thrift store bowl in small wooden sticks, for this totally unique server. Get tutorial here

Pile a few dishes into a garden totem

Pile a few thrifted pieces into a totem, that doubles as a sweet bird bath. Get tutorial here

Make large glass flowers for your garden

Put together a few beautiful garden flowers that will bloom in any season. Get tutorial here

Make adorable garden decor from a tea set

Pair an old teapot and a bit of copper pipping, for this charming garden set-up. Get tutorial here

Use nested bowls as a shabby chic stand

Make your own tiered display stand using a set of bowls. Get tutorial here

Carve a design in a scratched bowl

Grab a wooden bowl and start etching in the design of your dreams, for an expensive look. Get tutorial here

Use a serving platter as a chic bird feeder

Turn a serving set into a super stylish feeder for your yard. Get tutorial here