Paste photos to plates for interesting art

Turn your gallery wall charm up a notch, with this photo plate idea. Get tutorial here

Craft delicate bowls from doilies

Stiffen doilies into cute desktop dishes, using Mod Podge. Get tutorial here

Cover an old dresser in colorful fabric

Give that old, decrepit dresser a fresh new look for spring. Get tutorial here

Make an accent mirror stand out even more

Your mirrors can be pop-off-the-wall pretty, with a bit of fabric (and love!). Get tutorial here

Turn a storage relic into a papered stunner

Make an old dresser look young again, in just a few moments. Get tutorial here

Personalize some sassy bars of soap

We were shocked by this one too, but you can make your own graphic soap, using Mod Podge. Get tutorial here

Add interesting paper to a boring shelf back

Dress up those boring shelf backs, with just a bit of fun paper. Get tutorial here

Update a thrift store find with paper napkins

The next time you check out a thrift store, think of all the things you can update. Get tutorial here

Makeover a chair with gold glitter

Cover a chair from top to bottom in shimmering gold glitter! Get tutorial here

Wrap your own nautical rope bowl

Get your nautical groove on, with an easy DIY bowl made from Mod Podge and rope. Get tutorial here

Transfer a photo onto a piece of wood

Make your own photo transfer, with this brilliant Mod Podge method. Get tutorial here

Give more pep to an old coffee table

Cover up an old, scratched coffee table in just a few steps. Get tutorial here

Coat ugly plastic knobs in shimmering glitter

Dress up a dull dresser just a tiny bit, with glitter-coated knobs and pulls. Get tutorial here

Make your own set of upscale coasters

Craft your own set of gorgeous coasters, made from tiles and paper or fabric. Get tutorial here

Transform glass bottles into beachy treasure

Add color to plain glass bottles, with a pretty Mod Podge mix. Get tutorial here