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While many people are looking to tear down walls in their homes, sometimes you just need to divide up a large room. You might be looking to create a semi-separate office space within a large room or maybe you need to cover up a corner of your living room that is always filled with children’s toys. Whatever the reason, adding a room divider to a space can provide you with privacy and coziness.

Room Dividers (Cat Shaw)

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You can choose from a wide variety of room dividers for your space. DIYers often create dividers by simply repurposing everyday items like bookcases and curtains. Other options include purchasing room dividers and dressing them up to look a bit more appealing. Whatever your style and budget, you can find the perfect room divider for your space!

Room Divider Bookcase

Bookcases are great pieces of furniture to use to divide up a room. They can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Furthermore, you can choose any style you’d like since they come in a wide variety of styles and dimensions.

1) Bookcase Room Divider

This chic bookcase divider was made from Ikea bookcases, plywood, wallpaper and wood boards. It not only looks great but it’s also very functional, serving as a great storage place for office items. Furthermore, it creates a separate space while still maintaining an open, airy feel. Try out various types of bookcases when you are looking to divide up a space. You can accomplish completely different looks depending on the bookcase style you choose. 

Room Divider Bookcase (Engineer Your Space)

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Wooden Room Dividers

If you’re up for making a room divider from scratch, wooden room dividers can be very beautiful. Making a room divider from scratch has numerous benefits: You can easily make it the exact size you need it. You can make it fit your exact style. You can also avoid having to figure out how to transform something else into your style. The hard part might be coming up with a great idea from scratch. Here are two great ideas to inspire you!

2) Rustic Chandelier Room Divider

This rustic chandelier wooden room divider is the perfect mix of grit and grace. The pairing of rusted hinges with a stenciled chandelier makes this a beautiful statement piece. This Hometalker didn’t have rusted hinges so she actually rusted them herself using bleach, apple cider vinegar, salt, and sunshine. These hinges are critical for creating this rustic look. The stenciled chandelier is unexpected, giving this room divider a unique and elegant look. With this type of project, the options are endless!

Wooden Room Dividers (Minnie’s Milestones by Jonni)

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3) Geometric Partial Room Divider

Who said that a room divider can’t also be a beautiful piece of art? This geometric partial room divider is gorgeous, while also functional. It helps further divide up a space while also being an eye-catching piece of work. This Hometalker made this using a few pieces of wood and a lot of creativity. Custom wood room dividers like this one can be made to fit any space and style.

Geometric Room Divider (Mr ATC)

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Room Divider Screen

Perhaps you want to divide up a room visually but still allow for light to filter through on each side. If so, a room divider screen might be the perfect solution for you. Depending on the height, it can visually completely block off a section of a room. However, it can still allow for light to filter through if you don’t want to darken a section of the room.

4) Twinkle Lights Room Divider Screen

Using a purchased room divider, this Hometalker enhanced it by adding some twinkle lights. It’s a simple addition that adds a nice, unique touch to the divider. This room divider screen now not only lets light filter through it but it also creates even more light in the space. If starting from scratch to create a room divider sounds like a lot of work to you, this could be a great option. Simply browse what room dividers you can purchase and make it your own with simple styling additions.

Room Divider Screen (Nancy at Craft your Happiness)

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Sliding Door Room Dividers

If you’re up for just a little DIY, repurposing sliding closet doors to make a room divider might be a great option for you. Since they already stand up and fold nicely, you simply need to paint them to create a unique and stylish look. The options for artistic creativity are endless here, enabling you to make this doors-turned-divider into the perfect divider for you.

5) Light & Airy Blue Room Divider

You can often find old sliding closet doors at thrift stores, making this project very inexpensive. This Hometalker painted these sliding closet doors a light, dreamy blue color. This color scheme and style match well with her beachy décor. Of course, these doors could have been painted any color to fit your preferences.

Sliding Doors Room Dividers (Wendi @ H2OBungalow)

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6) Chic Metallic Room Divider

This transformation of closet doors to a room divider gives you an idea of how much paint can truly impact the final look of a piece. This Hometalker chose to use chalky red paint as a base and metallic paint for the stenciled design. This technique gives this room divider a modern oriental look.

DIY Room Divider (Mark Montano)

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Room Divider Curtains

You could also repurpose an old curtain into a room divider. The style and color choices are endless. How you choose to hang the curtain can depend on how permanent of a room divider you would like. The amount of privacy you want should determine how sheer of curtains you choose.

7) Pop-of-Color Shower Curtain Room Divider

It might sound unusual to use a shower curtain as a room divider, but many times shower curtains look very similar to window curtains. It’s a great idea to hang the shower curtain on a coat rack. The coat rack can be easily moved around the room if you are looking for a temporary room divider. This specific shower curtain room divider adds an additional pop of color to an already bright and cheerful room.

Room Divider Ideas (BrightNest)

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8) Cable Wire Curtain

Window curtains or fabric can be hung to create a beautiful room divider. A cable wire system is a great way to hang them if you want a semi-permanent solution. As you can see, this creates a great divider for a bedroom or other cozy location in your home.

Curtain Room Divider (BrightNest)

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Modern Room Dividers

If you really want to take your creativity to the next level, consider creating a room divider from an unexpected item – such as hangers! You can have endless fun trying out materials for room dividers. Not only can you enjoy the process of creating your room divider, but you’ll also have a great conversation-starting piece when guests come to visit.

9) Recycled Hangers Room Divider

If you truly have an overabundance of hangers, or if you find a lot at thrift stores, this room divider can be a fun and artsy project. Stack hangers, gluing them together as you go, to complete this modern room divider. Clearly, this would be a great conversation-starter in your home!

Recycled Room Divider (Davina Fabrics)

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10) Metal Shelving Room Divider

This modern room divider is unique with its geometric shape and shelves for storage. It would fit perfectly in a modern urban home. It sufficiently divides up a room while still leaving the space feeling open and airy. When you’re searching for the right room divider, consider how the material that the room divider is made of help dictate the style of the piece.

Room Divider Shelves (Earp Construction)

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Room dividers can be beautiful, functional and filled with creativity. It’s up to you to determine exactly what style and DIY process are right for you. Some factors to consider are: How much work are you willing to put into this project? If you’re up for a lot of DIY work, consider starting from scratch and making the room divider of your dreams. If you are looking for a bit less DIY work, look to repurpose another object like a bookcase, closet door or shower curtain. It’s up to you! Consider your style and what materials and colors best fit with your style preferences. Are you looking for a chippy farmhouse-style divider or a modern sleek metal room divider? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a great DIY solution out there for you.

Now go ahead. Find that space you want to divide and get started! When you finish, don’t forget to post about it o Hometalk to show off your great work and creativity. Other people would love to be inspired by your next great DIY project!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Mary | That Cozy Look

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