Cut off the legs

Turn old grungy chairs (or even broken chairs) into real poolside loungers by taking off the legs. Get tutorial here

Spray paint over the grime

Wake those tired lounge chairs with a bright new hue and fun new cushions. Get tutorial here

Use a rainbow of colors

Grab a few cans of paint for a colorful array of seating options. Get tutorial here

Stick to bright hues for a sunny pop

Using bright colors will give your backyard a few fun pops and highlights. Get tutorial here

Leave the back white to style them two-toned

Paint just the front of each chair to create these two-toned front and back beauties. Get tutorial here

Spray them white and shiny again

Scrubbing them clean is a pain, so even if you love your chairs as is, repaint them white. Get tutorial here

Chic-up your chairs with a metallic mural

Who says old plastic chairs can't look chic as heck? Lay on the metallic sheen to restyle 'em. Get tutorial here

Give the legs a gold-dipped update

Gold-dipped details look great on everything, even your banged-up pool chairs. Get tutorial here

Turn mismatched chairs into a set with color

Gather all your plastic chairs and turn them into a coordinated seating set with a spray paint makeover. Get tutorial here

Get trendy with a turquoise paint job

We all love that cool turquoise color for spring and summer, so why not embrace it all the way? (Becky Get tutorial here

Accessorize with a few waterproof pillows

Cover up any really bad scratches or marks with a few waterproof cushions or pillows. Get tutorial here

Get Coastal Cute With Stencils

Choose tropical colors in Rustoleum Ultra Cover, and add beachy themed stencils for fun. Get tutorial here

Paint a drab chair into floral masterpiece

Instead of just updating the color, paint a mural on your worn chair for maximum glam. Get tutorial here

Upgrade Plastic Chairs With Rustoleum Paint

Use Rustoleum spray paint for plastic and seal with a clear coat. Get tutorial here

Paint The Cushions With Homemade Chalk Pain

Craft your own chalk paint by mixing a cup of flat paint and a tablespoon of grout, then paint two coats. Get tutorial here

Coat The Chair In Pretty Napkins

Cut out a napkin design, coat it in glue, then apply a varnish on top to seal the chair. Get tutorial here

Paint The Chairs Red With Spray Paint

Forget about neutral grays and beige, opt for a fire engine red instead. Get tutorial here

Help Your Child Build A Itty Bitty Chair

Cut and measure the wood accordingly, attach the armrests, and be sure to sand down. Get tutorial here

Move Your Chairs For A Quiet Getaway Spot

Pull out the weeds and curve out the selected spot with rocks, for a spot to get away. Get tutorial here

Update An Old Bistro Set With A Fun Color

Revamp the chairs with your favorite colors, and put them in a nice spot in your garden. Get tutorial here

Change Your Chair Cushions With Fabric

Hand stitch and cover your cushion with a bright fabric. Get tutorial here

Build Your Own Adirondack Chair

Design the outline of the chair on oak plywood and add oak dowel for the base of the seat. Get tutorial here

Use Cinder Blocks Instead Of A Chair

Switch out your chair for Rustoleum spray painted cinder blocks instead. Get tutorial here

Use Stencil Pillows For Your Chairs

Stencil a mermaid motif pillow case with navy blue on the scales. Get tutorial here

Paint That Crusty Chair With Metallic Paint

First prime the chair with a metal based coating, then use a textured metallic paint. Get tutorial here

Use Recolor To Brighten Up Your Chair

Use Rustoleum Recolor to take off the dull fade on your chairs. Get tutorial here

Decorate Your Curbed Side Chair With Copper

Make your chair look fancy by coating the armrest in brass spray paint and royal blue cushions. Get tutorial here

Recycle A Lifeguard Chair Into A Mini Bar

Give life to an unused stand by stocking it with drinks and glasses. Get tutorial here

Grout A Tiled Chair To Lounge In

Use a chopsaw to cut down the legs of the chair, then grout with pebbles and sheets of tile. Get tutorial here