Vintage Ice Cream Freezer Restored

Do you have childhood memories like I do of a summer evening making "hand cranked" ice cream?! We wanted to find us a White Mountain Ice Cream freezer to restore so we went to eBay!
eBay purchase
When it arrived, it clearly was suffering from salt water wear and tear and rust on the outer bucket. That was fine because the inner freezer part that comes in contact with the ingredients was awesome!
We took the rusty straps off one at a time and I began to sand and stain wood.
Bottom half of bucket is sanded and stained.
We brushed all the straps with a steel brush to get the rust off. We then followed up with a Rust oleum paint.
Bucket all stained- top strap is off drying
Once all the sanding and staining was done, we used a staple gun to hold the three straps back in their proper place.
Beautiful and functional!!
After all was dry, I applied three coats of Spar Urethane because it is a good moisture resistant . I don't have it in the picture, but I reapplied the "white mountain" sticker with decoupage and finished off with more spar urethane!
I can now relive many memories of sitting on top of the freezer as a child while the cranking was done with my grandchildren! :)

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