Big Rustic Style Cooler

by Roni
This is our 2nd cooler, we decided to make it bigger than the first one. The 1st rustic cooler can be found here on Hometalk:
Hubby started it the same way as the last one...tracing the cooler onto plywood and cutting it out, then building the frame around it. We use pressure treated 2x4's for the framing material.

This one will have extra space on the side, maybe to make cocktails? Lol I want to do this one different, I'm going to paint all of the framing white, then we're using Barnwood look ship lap for the top and shelf. It's pretty much ready to paint now!

This baby already weighs a ton which is one of the reasons why it is on wheels! Lol
This cooler starts out the same way as the first...I'm sorry I forgot take the beginning photos on this one. :(
It's painted white and a couple more 2x4's were added that the cooler will sit on.
These are the boards that will be going on. They're like panels that fit together with a gray weathered finish.
Boards are going on!
Love it! More braces were added to the bottom and painted for the bottom boards to go across. Now that the top is is complete next will be the lid for the cooler, then closing up underneath to hide the cooler, then the faucet for the drain, the bottom shelf, the handles, the bottle opener, cap catcher, and anything else I think of along the way! Lol
Hubby cut the wood to go around the cooler top and screwed it to the lid...
Then he trimmed it out again with the barnwood look wood to match... I need to stain all the cut edges when it's the front edge. :)
He added all the wood to the top using liquid nails in the center then nailed the edges to the frames with the nail gun. Added the hinges. Handle is on and it works perfectly!
All the wood was added to the bottom and cooler area filled in as well, also added the handles. Next up is the drain and faucet.
The faucet is done...the hubs used a 6" pipe that leads to the drain of the cooler and sealed around it so it doesn't leak. He also added a block to extend it out further so the water doesn't drain out all over the bottom shelf. He added the bottle opener and he made the cap catcher which can be removed to empty it.
He added an outlet! I thought it be great for a blender to make those awesome frozen cocktails, a radio, whatever you need to plug in. You do need to run an outdoor heavy duty extension cord to it to get power to it.
When not in use just put the plug up and out of the way with the hook.
Here's the faucet in great and more importantly no leaks!

And there ya have it.....I can't add any more pics but if you'd like to see more come visit us on Facebook! Be sure to "LIKE" us too so you can follow us.

This cooler is available for purchase! We're located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.
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  • Eugene Guilbault Eugene Guilbault on Jul 05, 2016
    I"d like more details on how to construct the frame . Measurements too wouild be helpful . Thanks :)
  • Sj.7513778 Sj.7513778 on Jul 05, 2016
    Are there plans / bill of materials available, or do I have to make them from your photos? Gary McDonald Everett, WA
  • Sam Washington Sam Washington on Apr 14, 2018

    I was so impressed with this cooler box, I decided to build my own. Can you tell me the type/size of the hinges used on the cooler top? Thx!

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