Before: Outdated Oak

Though rocking a classic look, this banister stuck out in a modern living room makeover. Get tutorial here

After: A modern piece of innovation

Using a horizontal design this banister took her staircase into the 21st century. Get tutorial here

Before: A standard, plain banister

She wanted a vintage look to add character to her coiled staircase. Get tutorial here

After: A vintage & distressed stunner

With a few licks of paint this banister went from bleak to chic Get tutorial here

Before: 80’s has been

This banister was stained in an 80’s orange oak that desperately needed an upgrade Get tutorial here

After: A dark beauty

After a little dark stain, this banister made an easy yet gorgeous change. Get tutorial here

Before: Mounted wall handrail

He had a plain cast bronze door handles on his walls to use as grips. Get tutorial here

After: Artful tree handle

And then a walnut staircase worthy of palaces! This not too difficult project will transform your stairs! Get tutorial here

Before: Beige nightmare

Though the owners loved the nautical theme they found the simple oar banister and painting job, boring. Get tutorial here

After: Dreamy blue sea theme

A rope was added above the oar and the paint updated to get a fresher seaworthy look! Get tutorial here