Candle Snuffer With Dingle Dangle Bling

Linda G
by Linda G
30 Minutes
I love candles but can not bear the smell when you blow them out. Not only the smell but the smoke. I never blow out candles. I light candles all year in every room especially during the holidays, so much so, my 10 year old candle snuffer finally broke apart. I went to my favorite import store, but they only had the bell snuffers not the dip and lift. So I decided to make my own. Maybe you would like to make one too. They also make nice little stocking stuffers for candle lovers.
The Holidays are coming so Red was my color of choice
18 or 16 gauge wire. Beads, Needle nose and round nose pliers, monofilament fishing wire.
Decide on the length you would like your handle. I cut the wire at 10 inches. At 2-1/14 inches from top, make loop around your finger. Pinch wires ends together using your needle nose pliers.
String on a large hole bead to cover both the cut end of the wire and the handle end of wire.
String on beads to the length you want the handle.
Make loop closure at end using round nose pliers.
With the monofilament fishing line or beading thread, make a tassel.
Tie tassel on securely to the loop at end of handle.
Now you are ready to use your bling candle snuffer dip and lift.
With the looped end press the wick down into the wax. The fire will instantly go out WITHOUT any smoke or smell.
By pressing the wick down into the wax, you are coating the wick.
Now with the opening of the loop pull the wick back up. And you are ready for the next lighting. Trim wick if needed.
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  • Mandy Reeder Mandy Reeder on Jan 16, 2014
    Thank you for posting! I sell JIC candles ( and I have been looking for a cute little gift to add in with some of my customer's orders. These are perfect. Plus I have a lot of beads laying around :)
    • Linda G Linda G on Jan 17, 2014
      @Mandy Reeder that's great! I give them too as favors at dinner parties. They get a hoot out of them. So glad I could be of help. Thank you.
  • Linda G Linda G on Jan 17, 2014
    Mandy, Hey that's great!! I give them too as favors at dinner parties. They get a hoot out of them! So glad I could be of help! Thank you.