Our Version of a Rustic Cooler

by Roni
We found an old rustic cooler and got to thinking...why don't we make one!? :)
So this is where it begins....to start the hinges for the lid, the handles, and the drain were removed...then hubby traced the lid for the cooler upside down on top of a piece of plywood, then decided how much space we wanted around it. The plywood was cut out and a frame built around it.
Legs are cut to the height we wanted and attached. Anyone that follows us knows we put wheels on pretty much everything.. Lol..those will be added soon.
The framing continues...the wheels are on!
Looking great already!
He added skid wood to the top and now the framing for the lid starts. The lid is on the cooler and he cuts wood to frame and screwed it to the lid.
Skid wood is cut and added to the top and being screwed to the frame.
Lid is finished, hinges are on, and the handle too. Love these handles!
Looking good!
Works perfectly!
I painted FRAGILE on to make it look like it came from an old crate.

Now, I showed pictures to my brother and sister in law...they decided they wanted it! Lol Now I'm going to personalize it for them.
We put their initials on the front with these star nails I found on Etsy...love them too! The letters will look even better once they start rusting! Lol Bottle opener added and handles on each side.

Next, I thought it needed a cap catcher! Lol
And there it is...it can be taken off to empty it.
Look at the faucet on the side to drain the water out of the cooler...LOVE IT!!!

I personalized the side too that says PROPERTY OF RON'S TAVERN...yes, my brother's name is Ron!
Now, the cooler on the right is the one we found that someone got rid of...I bet that one didn't last a year. Ours will last forever the way hubby builds things! Lol

Manly cooler vs Wimpy cooler! Hahaha!

To see more builds and makeovers pop on over to Roni's Rescued Relics on Facebook!
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  • Flo Flo on Aug 11, 2019

    I would love to buy one for my son-in-law!

    Will you every make them to sell?

  • John Fields John Fields on Aug 24, 2020

    This is perfect for what the wife is looking for. Any chance you would share plans?

  • Callie Callie on Jun 23, 2021

    Where does it say "I want to do this"? I want to know about the faucet/drain tap.


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