Paint & paste clothespins into trivets

Gather as many clothespins, remove the metal springs, paint them, then glue in a circular pattern. Get tutorial here

Shape some into a fancy napkin holder

Remove the springs, separate them, glue them together, then form them into a semi circle over a flat base. Yay, Turkey Day! Get tutorial here

Attach some to pine to make a jewelry holder

Turn clothespins into a jewelry rack by spacing them out over a long strip of stained wood. Glue and hang. Get tutorial here

Make clothespins into a groovy light fixture

Grab a tomato cage and a lot of clothespins to copy this amazing chandelier idea! Get tutorial here

Craft some into a round hall mirror

Use a thin board as a base, glue them together, strengthen with sisal rope, then add the mirror to the center. Get tutorial here

Or turn them into a square one

Cut round clothespins and sand them, then glue them to the edge of a square mirror frame. Get tutorial here

Glue some into a star Christmas ornament

Paste them together to create a star formation then rope some twine around them and hang on your tree! Get tutorial here

Organize giant clothespins into place cards

Turn the giant clothespins into place settings for an event by covering them in contact paper or drawing a pattern. Get tutorial here

Stick some together to make earbud holders

Glue the clothespins end to end, paint them over, then add a strip of washi tape. Genius! Get tutorial here

String some up as photo gallery

Try the trend and hang a string up to display pictures by clipping them on with clothespins. Get tutorial here

Adhere some to a TP tube as a Christmas tree

Make a little fun Christmas decor out of clothespins. Separate them then glue them one by one around the TP roll. Add a bow & voila! Get tutorial here

Attach some to an embroidery hoop

Create a holiday wreath by gluing some clothespins to an embroidery hoop and decorating it in the pattern of your choice. Get tutorial here

Stack some to wood for an advent calendar

Grab some scrap wood molding and glue the clothespins on each row of wood to create hooks that snap open for pouches. Get tutorial here