DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Haven't found the right furniture for your outdoor space yet? Curious to know where to get started and how? We have the answers for you. From tutorial videos to top projects, we have ideas to inspire you and get you started making your own outdoor furniture. Be sure to follow the popular discussions happening right now on the topic.

Outdoor Furniture Basics

Choose wisely

Be sure to only buy chairs and tables that were designed to be outdoors. Don’t purchase items that will mold or get blown away.

Measure up

Measure the terrace or deck space before buying furniture to avoid getting chairs and tables that look too small or big in the space.

Set your intention

Do you intend to relax or is it a place for barbecues? Decide how you wish to utilize the space and purchase the appropriate furniture.

Color and materials

Earthy colors blend well in a garden and don’t reveal dirt. Opt for easy-to-clean materials which won’t get damaged by wind or rain.

Stay tidy

Especially in the fall and winter, clean and wipe your furniture on a regular basis to prevent leaves and mold from accumulating.

Top Projects for Outdoor Furniture

Looking for ideas for DIY outdoor furniture? Find your inspiration here.

Outdoor Furniture Videos

DIY outdoor furniture in video tutorial format. This is what you've been looking for.

How to Build Amazing Patio Furniture on a Budget

Creating a beautiful outdoor space for your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You can build some amazing patio furniture with just a few supplies and a couple of wood pallets... even when you are on the strictest of budgets!

Hidden Ottoman

Your patio is a place to relax and unwind but how can you do that if you can't put your feet up? And your outdoor chairs didn't come with an ottoman...make one yourself.

Sitting By the Pool's Edge in Style

If you've ever sat by the edge of a pool, after awhile your back begins to hurt. And ladies (or men in Speedos), we all know how the seat of our swimsuits get those little pullers in's the perfect pool side solution!

Pallet Swing

I've seen quite a few pallet swing projects that use extra wood in addition to the pallet wood; however, this swing only uses the wood from two pallets.Please keep in mind that no two pallets are the same so the wood on the pallets that you use will be different from the pallets featured in this post.If you enjoy repurposing pallets, then be sure to check out this fun pallet ideas page for more pallet DIY projects.

New Outdoor Furniture Projects

Browse our new DIY outdoor furniture projects and get inspired.

Browse Outdoor Furniture Projects

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