Personalize Any Project Using Freezer Paper!!

Barn Tree Place
by Barn Tree Place
Creating endless "image transfers" when using an Ink Jet Printer and Freezer Paper. You can look online for free images or get creative and make your own!
Transfer in Black or Colored Ink onto:
Wood Fabric Ceramics And More...

Freezer Paper

Copy Paper

Ink Jet Printer

Glue Stick

An object like a: Credit Card or Spatula
Prepare your freezer paper by cutting it to the same size as your copy paper. Glue the freezer paper (leaving the shiny size UP) onto the copy paper. This helps the freezer paper feed through your Ink Jet Printer.
Using a program on your computer (Power Point, Microsoft Word), design your image. You can also get images off the internet. I really like searching The Graphics Fairy website. They have something for everyone! The "old bicycle" graphic is from The Graphic Fairy's website, and I created the "Faith" graphic.
Once you have your image, you will need to transform it into a "Mirror Image". Depending on what program you are working with, you can research the internet "How to create a mirror image on [your program name]".

A helpful tip: I've learn the hard way! When designing your "words" with your program, make sure you create them in "Word Art". I found that "Word Art "allows you to easily to turn them into a mirror image from clicking on (on Power Point) Under Format, click Rotate, then click on 3-D Rotation, and under the Rotation section "X", change to 180°.

Place your (glued together) Freezer Paper/Copy Paper into your printer feed tray, in the correct position that your printer feeds. My case, I have to place shiny side of freezer paper, down.

When you have your printed image and ready to transfer onto your project piece, make sure you are working on a sturdy flat surface. Place face -down onto your project.

Be careful not to move it once you place it down. The ink will smudge.
Secure your image by either taping it to your project or, if you are using fabric, you can pin it.

Using a credit card, spatula etc., Rub top to bottom or one side to other. Continue in in same motion.
Be careful not to allow your paper to shift. The image may blur. (as seen)

Do not pick up image until you are sure that you rubbed it really good!

You want to transfer as much ink as possible. If this happens to you, here is a crafters' secret....Use a sharpie and carefully go over the letters or image. Just lightly touch the tip of the Sharpie to your project and trace over it. If you want it really dark, then press harder.

I discovered these Sharpie Paint Pens and found that they work really well too. I used them on the wood sign (picture below), to touch up some of the areas.
Keep your images. You may want to use them in other projects. We will show you how.
Get creative and make a beautiful statement pieces for your home and more.
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  • Suzanne Brodie Suzanne Brodie on Dec 05, 2015
    I have not been able to get any link to get your blog sent to my email address so can you physically attach your link to my email address please which is If this is a problem then please don't worry but I would love to be able to see your blog as it is updated. Many thanks.
  • Belinda Wood Upton Belinda Wood Upton on Dec 06, 2015
    Do you print the image on the the glossy side of the freezer paper?
  • Willie Simpson Willie Simpson on Aug 29, 2019

    1. Is it ok if you don't transfer the image for several days or do you have yo do it as soon as the image comes out of the printer?
    2. Sometimes people use an iron?... to iron the freezer paper before putting it in the printer?? and then help transfer the image,?? Or was that another craft project ..

    Thank You. From willie

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  • Carla Carla on Dec 06, 2015
    good tutorial!!
  • Carrie Krumrie Carrie Krumrie on Dec 07, 2015
    You can iron it....there is also transfer paper at the craft stores. freezer paper project did not end well...but it is fun.
    • Barn Tree Place Barn Tree Place on Dec 07, 2015
      @Carrie Krumrie Thank you! I will have to try the iron method out. I am super "thrifty", and buying transfer paper may cost more than just a roll of Freezer paper. I always have to find the least expensive way that I can when it comes to things. Personally, it would be easier on me to just go buy stuff, with some of the things I have tried to do. Probably easier on my family too, when I'm on a mission! lol!!