If your kitchen is too cramped...

Those cabinets are great for storing your dishes, but they leave hardly any space to move. Get tutorial here

Then replace the cabinets with open shelving

Bonus: you get to display your beautiful dishes and know where everything is on each shelf. Get tutorial here

If you hate your wooden cabinets…

We like the rustic look, but wooden cabinets just don’t do it. Get tutorial here

Then paint them a neutral color

Colors like grey and white give a fresh and bright look to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Then build yourself a kitchen island

It’s the perfect place to chop your veggies, and it has storage underneath. Get tutorial here

If your kitchen is dark...

Dark, gloomy tiny… we don’t want our kitchen to be any of these. Get tutorial here

Then paint it white or grey to add more light

A new window might not be possible, but a light paint job will make your kitchen brighter than ever. Get tutorial here

If your backsplash is blah and boring

This dull backsplash definitely needs a makeover. Get tutorial here

If your appliances are old and dingy…

Your kitchen might be renovated, but your appliances make it look ten years old. Get tutorial here

Then update them with some paint

Anything from a metallic shade to bright, bold colors will completely transform your kitchen. Get tutorial here

If your laminate counters aren’t exciting...

That 90’s look just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Get tutorial here

Then redo it with concrete for an earthy look

It totally transforms your kitchen without much hassle or money. Get tutorial here