How to Make Cute DIY Christmas Candles in 5 Simple Steps

Get ready to add a special touch to your holidays with DIY Christmas candles! I'll show you a simple way to turn transfer tissue paper Christmas pictures onto candles for a unique festive look.

No fancy tools are needed – just tissue paper, regular paper, a printer, and some candles. It's easy and fun, so let's get started with these Christmas candle ideas!

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Tools and materials

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White tissue paper
Taping the tissue paper to the bondpaper

1. Tape tissue paper to bond paper

We're going to start by taping some white tissue paper onto the front of some white bond paper.

Printing Christmas images onto tissue paper

2. Print Christmas images

Then we're going to take an image that we really like and we are going to feed this through our printer and print out our images. We are doing ours with a Christmas theme.

Cutting off the tape

3. Cut out the images

Next, we're going to cut off the tape area and you're going to see that I printed this Merry Christmas one over onto the tape, but I reprinted it for you guys for this project.

Cutting out the tissue paper

We're going to cut out each of our images so it's only the tissue paper. We don't need all the extra white around it.

Placing the image on the candle

4. Place the image on the candle

Then we're going to start adding them to our candles. You're going to grab a plain white candle, any size you want, and we're going to use a heat gun. If you don't have that, you can use a blow dryer.

We're going to start by placing our piece, our image right on the candle, making sure that it's not over the top.

Using a heat gun on the candle

5. Use a heat gun to transfer the image

Now we're going to grab some wax paper or some freezer paper. Mine's a freezer paper so one side has the wax on it and one side doesn't. So the wax side you want right on top of your image.

Then we take our heat gun and we keep heating it. You're going to start to see the image come through.

Using a heat gun to transfer the image

For this one, I just decided to test it out if I was just to take the heat gun and the tissue paper and put that on there first. And that seemed to work really well.

You'll see that the wax kind of penetrates through the really thin tissue paper and it adheres right to the wax, which is really amazing.

Peeling off the wax paper

Now what we're going to do is we're going to take our Santa candle and we are going to peel off that freezer paper and it reveals our beautiful Santa candle. I love this image here. I got this image just right from Canva, FYI

DIY Merry Christmas candle

For our last candle, I decided to combine both techniques. So I put the image down and used the heat gun and put that right onto there so it melted the wax and it adhered.

Then I put the freezer paper on there, used the heat gun again, and then peeled that off to reveal a super cute Merry Christmas candle.

DIY Christmas candles

DIY Christmas candles

I think these DIY Christmas candles turned out so fantastic.

You could even put an image like, say, a baby picture for a gift. I think it would be adorable. This would also look great for a Hanukkah table in blue and white. Your imagination just goes wild with a project like this.

How to make Christmas candles

I hope you guys loved this DIY Christmas candle tutorial. Let me know what you think of the project in the comments below.

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  • Alice Alice on Nov 21, 2023
    these look great and you are right about other uses, love the baby picture idea for new parents and grandparents. The funny thing is that as a grandparent I wouldn't burn mine.
  • Monique Monique on Nov 21, 2023
    Gluing paper napkins to candles using mod podge takes a lot less time with same effects!! These look nice, however!!