10 Great Ways to Display Birdhouses in Your Garden

Birdsong is one of the great joys of spring gardening. The excitment underscoring all the chitter-chatter is infectious.
One great way to attract nesting birds to your garden is to hang a birdhouse.
Here are some of the creative ways to display birdhouses that I have photographed in a number of local gardens:
1. Display them on an old painted ladder.
2. Paint an old staircase spindle and attach a small birdhouse to the top of it.
3. Use a copper pipe as your pole.

I find that most of the birdhouses that you find in stores don't hold up very well in winter weather, so I like to overwinter mine in our shed. To make them easier to display in summer and then remove in fall, we came up with this little trick:

Take a scrap of wood (the size is less important than the thickness. You want a 1/2" thickness to attach the dowel properly).

Drill a 1/4" hole in the centre of the scrap wood.

Apply outdoor glue to one end of a 6" length of 1/4"dowel. Insert the dowel into your drilled hole and allow the glue to dry. Now attach your dowel mount to the bottom of your birdhouse and paint it to match.

Choose your birdhouse location. Take a 6 foot length of copper pipe and pound it into the ground with a mallet/ hammer. This pole will stay permanently in place in the garden. (I like to hide the pole in some shrubbery.)

When you want to display your birdhouse, simply slip the dowel down into the length of copper pipe.
4. It is also a nice idea to display your decorative birdhouses in a village sized grouping.
5. You can put larger birdhouses at the top of a fence post.
6. Group them with other objects if you like a flea market style.
7. Attach them to a tall fence post or arbor.
8. Use a fancy plant hook to hang them on a wall.
9. Or group them on a wall.
10. And of course the most bird friendly idea would be to hang them in a tree.
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  • Margaret B Margaret B on May 23, 2014
    I like them all! Thanks
  • Lisa P Lisa P on Jun 23, 2014
    Anyone have any ideas how to keep wasps from taking residence?
    • Three Dogs in a Garden Three Dogs in a Garden on Jun 23, 2014
      @Lisa P Wasps are a problem for me as well. I usually find that wasps give up mid-project. Usually I end up cleaning out the half finished nests out of my birdhouses in the fall. If anyone has a better solution, I would love to hear it too!