My $5 Mis-tint Bathroom Makeover

I have been known the scour the clearance aisles and racks at any store to find a deal. Well, after owning our home for a couple years I had painted at least each room once if not twice BUT one room I never touched was the master bathroom. It was so ugly and I could not decide what color so I went to Lowe's to get inspired.
Well, I buy a lot of mistint paints for projects and rooms (especially neutral colors) and this pale sea foam green/teal splotch on the can made me go "HMMM".
I knew that one day we would gut the master bathroom last because I want a stone walk in shower and that will have to wait. (still waiting but hey my bathroom still looks nice). I knew that replacing the vanity and top was not an option but the mirror had to go. I had used Rustoleum Expresso in the quart can for renovations I had done for other people and loved the way it updated a bathroom. The vanity top looked yellow and outdated before I started and I was hoping the expresso color would change that. The previous owner was a horrible painter and a horrible DIYer so this house has been a constant drain on our skills and pocket book but I was determined to do the bathroom renovation for around a $100.
I found the 2 mirrors on clearance for $8 a piece (reg $45) at Walmart and knew they would go perfect in the bathroom. On another shopping trip to Kohls for their special sales and an extra 30% I found the large bathroom rug, 2 small brown rugs in front of sink, and 1 contour rug for less than $60 with all my coupons and so I was happy. the rest of the things in the bathroom like the lighting fixtures and metal shelves and even the toilet paper and towel bars were already there so I bought a can of Rustoleum Oil Bronzed Hammered spray paint and took everything down, cleaned, and sprayed. Now everything looked like it matched. (even the ugly lighting bars were spray painted). I had the cheap book case and needed towel storage so I painted it express along with the ugly blue trim and vanity. I did not touch the floor because it was still in good shape and the rugs hide any flaws.
The vanity had grooves so I bought wood putty and filled the grooves and sanded until smooth. Priming all the cabinets twice and then let dry for a day. I painted the trim and vanity expresso. I did take off the doors and took out drawers to paint and sand and bought new hardware for the drawers but I had Rustoleum spray paint in brushed nickel for the hinges and for the handles on drawers; and the knobs that I already had in the garage.
On a trip to Home Depot months before I had found the faucets on clearance for around $10 a piece (reg $50) and had them in the garage. The shower fixtures had already been replaced when we moved in because the previous idiot had let it leak for years.
I was happy because over the course of a year I gathered the materials needed to do the renovation which helps us stay on budget. I find bargains all the time and so I patiently wait to find it on sale and then I do my project.
Now you may ask "long sheers in the bathroom?" Yes. I wanted a spa like room and I could not find any curtains I liked. I found these at a garage sale for a $1 and the wooden rod for less than $5 on clearance (had to cut it down). The rings were also a find for a couple bucks.
I did this project 3 years ago and the bathroom stills looks good. I still have not decided on stone yet or found my deal for it so I still have the ugly 5' plastic walk in shower with ugly shower doors. It is functional so I wait...
I am all about finding the bargain and that is why my master bathroom is a calming spa like oasis. The colors of brown, teal, and light blue are calming after a hectic day.
Notice the silver metal glass shelf on wall and the clutter on the vanity
The vanity and its lovely grooves and the blue (trim was blue too)
Took off the doors to fill in grooves with wood putty. Waited for it to dry and then sanded smooth
Rustoleum Expresso in quart for trim and vanity. Rustoleum Hammered Rubbed Bronze for glass shelf on wall, light fixtures, towel bar & ring, and toilet paper holder
I spray painted the handles on drawers brushed nickel and hinges too. I had the knobs
Had this ugly fake wood shelving unit so I decided to paint it Expresso and now it looks like it belongs there
The rugs cost the most for the whole make over
Had the extra cabinet in the middle of mirrors and had the baskets
You can spray paint just about anything! (plus it has been 3 years and they still look good)
oops, had not changed out the outlet in this pic. The mirror was a steal at $8
The Garden Frog with C Renee
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