DIY Buffet Table Riser

by CampmomatHome
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It is so much fun to entertain dinner guests!
Setting up a buffet table with risers helps with placement of serving dishes, and makes it easier for guests to serve themselves. This DIY table riser project can be accomplished by using items you most likely have on hand.
In order to create these risers, you will need two boards. These are chip-wood boards that my co-worker no longer wanted. The size of each board is about 1x6x24. Boards like these can be purchased at your local hardware store, and the larger stores will cut them for you, as well. 
Next, lay out a table cloth to protect the table, console, or countertop, and stack bricks in the order you desire. We had these bricks left over from building our home; I stacked them two-by-two high.
You may want to consider how tall you want your riser to be, and stack your bricks according to the height you prefer. Another inexpensive method is to use cinder blocks!
Lay the pieces of wood on top of the bricks. I chose this arrangement, but you may have to tweak things according to your needs. This is actually a narrow set up on top of this buffet console, but it worked great for our needs.
Lastly, lay the tablecloth that you want to use for your riser. We had this tablecloth on hand already (from Walmart). Our dinner party was for couples so we used the marriage sign as a centerpiece, and placed food/drink items on the buffet and risers.
Suggested materials:
  • Two wooden boards   (Free from a friend)
  • Bricks   (Free from our home builder)
  • Checkered tablecloth   (Dollar Tree ($1))
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  • Wendy Wendy on Sep 01, 2017

    Genius! I love to entertain as well, this is a great idea!