DIY Table Decor for ALL Seasons

Staci Marie
by Staci Marie
4 Materials
15 Minutes

Sometimes we just want some new table decor but either don't want to go out to buy purchase something new or want to stick to a budget.

This project is very versatile and can be switched out for the seasons or whenever the mood hits. This is also a project that can possibly be done with items you have already around the house.

Material List:

  • Large Planter Pot (or bowl)
  • Assorted Floral Stems &/or Greenery
  • Spacer Object (I used a ramekin...a small bowl would also work)
  • Centerpiece object (candle, mini tiki torch, lantern, led faux candle, etc) SHOP YOUR HOME for these items if possible.

I placed a ramekin in the center of the ceramic planter. You can place it with the bottom of the ramekin up or down.

This will give the focal centerpiece some extra height and if you choose an open flame it will raise it up to safely burn.

First I'm decided to start with the mini tiki torch container on top of the ramekin.

I'm using lambs ear greenery. It's a soft green that works for all the seasons (in my opinion) and something I already had on hand,

I slightly bent the stems so they will easily fit into the planter around the ramekin.

With my tiki torch in place I start placing the stems around the edges to fill in the space.

ANOTHER IDEA-- If you don't want to do faux flowers or stems you could fill the planter with soil and succulents. I think that would be a gorgeous summer time table centerpiece.

With the greenery in place, I shopped my house and found multiple items to use as the centerpiece and started to play to see what I wanted to use.

The mini Tiki torch is a great choice for the outdoor dining table in the warmer months. The mini tiki torch filled with the bug repellant fuel will also help keep the bugs away.

A real candle also makes a very nice addition to this table decor.

Be mindful that your faux florals/greenery are not too close to the open flame.

A faux candle is a great alternative to a real candle if you have pets. You won't have to worry about a fire hazard & you can get the same cozy feel.

I found this little lantern in my decor stash and decided I wanted to use this for the fall season.

To make it a bit more seasonal, I added some pumpkin picks in the greenery. I bent the stick portion of the pumpkin picks the same way I did with the greenery stems. This makes it easy to add any seasonal picks.

As you can see this decor can easily be used all year long while just switching out a few objects.

Another great place to find a large planter on a budget is at garage sales & thrift stores. Remember to shop with an open mind and paint can change the look of anything.

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Suggested materials:
  • Large Ceramic Planter   (Walmart)
  • Faux Lambs Ear Greenery   (Walmart)
  • Tiki Torch   (Walmart)
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  • Dee Dee on Sep 25, 2022

    I have made similar centerpieces for years. However I love the fall centerpieces with cactus and pumpkins and candles.. Great job.

  • Staci Marie Staci Marie on Sep 28, 2022

    Thank you Dee!