Line colorful bottles along the windowsill

You’ll give off an artsy impression all while gaining just the right amount of privacy. Get tutorial here

Use tall planters to obscure the view

Don’t give up all the sunlight for your entryway! Use beautiful decor to get the privacy you want. Get tutorial here

Stencil a frosted pattern onto the glass

Use glass etching paint or any removable material. You’ll cut off just enough light to keep guests guessing. Get tutorial here

Create a faux stained glass window

This project was made of stickies and dollar store dividers to create beauty and privacy. Stunning! Get tutorial here

Decoupage lace material onto the glass

Get a swath of lacy fabric & paste it on. You’ll have a lovely wintry look all year round and tons of privacy. Get tutorial here

Spread gallery glass over the window

You’ll get that blown glass look & be able to blur the view at the same time. Totally worth it! Get tutorial here

Cover the glass with contact paper

Measure it according to taste and stick it on. Sit back and enjoy the sunlight in privacy. Get tutorial here

Add a patterned fabric to the window panes

Use liquid starch to glue this lacy pattern on to get some privacy and add some privacy to your living space! Get tutorial here

Cut shapes onto the glass

Make the pattern of your choice out of contact paper and have it match your motif. Get tutorial here

Use window film to fog the glass

This isn’t contact paper, but it works like a charm. So dreamy and adds complete privacy. Get tutorial here

Spray a vinyl pattern onto the glass

This solution is sturdier and stunning and will add a beautiful aspect to your entryway. Get tutorial here