How to Stencil a Metallic Foil Wall Finish

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You don’t have to choose between laid-back style and luxurious glamour — simply blend the two to create your own boho-glam room makeover! The secret sauce to an appetizing, gypsy-inspired interior is layering metallics and pattern. In this DIY tutorial, we show you how to use gold, metallic jewel tones, and Global Gypsy Stencils to create a moody luxe-look on an accent wall.
Click play and watch this DIY stencil tutorial to see how to create a shining example of boho glam with metallic foils and Persian-inspired wall designs.
  • Francesca Floral Damask Wall Stencil
  • Clear and Black Royal Stencil Size
  • Metallic Foils: Plum Passion, Hot Pink, Autumn Gold, Antique Gold
  • Modern Masters MasterClear Top Coat
  • Foam roller with tray, scrub brush, level, rag
Basecoat: This finish should be done on a wall surface that has been painted with an Eggshell paint finish. Flat wall paint will be too porous, and will absorb the Royal Stencil Size, not allowing for enough working time on a tacky surface. An alternative to repainting would be to “seal” a flat wall paint surface with a coat of satin water-based urethane.
Step 1: Use a foam roller to apply an even layer of black stencil size to your wall and allow 15 minutes for that layer to dry. The Black Royal Stencil Size contains pigment that allows you to apply color and size in one coat. BUT, the pigment also reduces the working time slightly. For the second coat of size, use CLEAR Royal Stencil Size for more working time.
PRO TIP: After the last coat, wait until the size comes “to tack”.  Press your knuckle to the surface and pull away quickly. You should feel resistance and hear a “pop”. BEGIN leafing as soon as this happens as the tacky size has a limited time to receive the metallic foil easily. This could be 1-3 hours, depending on environmental conditions.
If the size begins to dry up as you work across the wall, simply roll on another thin layer of Clear Royal Stencil Size ahead of yourself and allow it to come “to tack” again.
Step 2: Level and place the flower wall stencil at the top center of your wall. There is no need for painter’s tape since the stencil will stick to the size.
Step 3: Cut a few 12-18” long pieces of the Plum Passion and Hot Pink metallic foils. Crumble each of the foil pieces, making sure the back of the foil is exposed to transfer the color. As soon as the last stencil size layer is tack, apply each crumpled metallic foil through the stencil design using a random pouncing motion.
Step 4: Once you have transferred some color from the crumpled foils onto your wall, open up the crumpled pieces and use a folded rag and firm pressure to transfer more color with the back of the foil facing the wall.
Step 5: Use a fresh piece of hot pink foil, a scrub brush, and firm pressure to fill in any remaining uncolored areas left through the stencil design.
Step 6: Remove and reposition the stencil following the registration marks. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 to stencil the entire wall with the stencil pattern using the metallic foils.

Step 7: Use a scrub brush to now transfer the Autumn Gold and Antique Gold metallic foils in the negative areas around the stencil design. Make sure the alternate between both colors randomly and fill in the open/negative spaces completely.
Step 8: Apply 2 coats of Modern Masters Master Clear with a foam roller to protect, preserve, and enhance your metallic wall finish. 
This mesmerizing metallic wall finish is fit for a Global Gypsy! Pair this accent wall with decor of different patterns, textures, and gold accents to finish off your bohemian retreat.
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  • Black & Clear Stencil Size from Royal Design Studio   (
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