Tin Ceiling Tile Look For Almost Free With Plaster and Paint

Bobbi Perreault
by Bobbi Perreault
16 Hours
I love the look of a tin ceiling. I wanted one! But we were building our house (10 years ago) on a cash only basis so there was NO budget for tin ceilings. ( Oh you can tell, but I should say this: I am Not a professional, I do Not do it right! BUT what I have has worked for me. )
It's a very good idea to use a chalk-line snap string to mark off your tiles on the ceiling. AS you can tell, I SKIPPED THIS STEP. (embarrassed)
What to do? I have plaster. I have paint. And I'm not afraid to embarrass myself. Ha.
First you need a plan. I googled for ceiling tile. Printed off the picture of the tile I liked.
I traced the pattern on that shelf liner, and with a razor blade cut out the places I wanted to STICK OUT.
Ok, this takes some practice! But you can DO IT. Get your ladder. Load up the trowel with plaster. Place the stencil on the ceiling. Draw the trowel across the stencil, leaving the voids in the stencil filled with plaster.
Remove the stencil. Repeat across your ceiling until all the tiles are there.
After the plaster dries, it's time to paint. This part is really fun. I was going for an antique copper look on my ceiling.
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  • Izzy Izzy on Sep 23, 2017

    Where did you get stencil?

  • Nieves McGinnis Nieves McGinnis on Sep 06, 2022

    This is exactly what I need. Where can I buy the plaster and stencils?

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  • Donna Donna on Apr 05, 2015
    hi @Bobbi Perreault I would like to visit your web site but the link takes me to Violence Intervention web site and no diy projects. Love your ceiling and you are awesome to jump into such a big and difficult project. Donna
    • Bobbi Perreault Bobbi Perreault on Apr 05, 2015
      @Donna Sorry! I support VIP and have donated the use of my server temporarily so that their website will continue to function. I didn't have any DIY stuff there, anyway. I've been using Hometalk to post my projects lately. Thanks for your kind words.
  • I think we ourselves are our worst critics, that being said, I love it Bobbie!!!! What a pain staking job! Ceilings are, I believe , the hardest. I'm Gona try this for sure on something. I just watched a video on glue mixed with corn starch that did a awesome effect too. You could even add paint to it. I think with plaster you can also do that.. Thank you all for your inspiring works. Passing them on to others is a blessing to us! Keep on keeping on, lol!