Spruce up Those Plastic Switch Plates With Unicorn SPiT!!

Michelle Austin
by Michelle Austin
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My most pinned project by other people is one of the light switch covers I updated when we painted our kitchen. I found an extra outlet cover in a drawer to show you how I accomplished this art using Unicorn SPiT!
Here is my pinned pic!
Start with one of those cheap plastic covers.
Pick your Unicorn SPiT colors! I used Crow (black) SPARKLiNG gel stain, Ornery Oriole (orange) SPARKLiNG stain gel, Dragon's Belly (green), and a custom mix (Lil' bit White Ning & Navajo Jewel)
I SPiT directly onto the plastic. Little drops of each color.
Spritz with water
I laid a piece of regular ol' plastic wrap over the SPiT.
Then using my fingers, moved the SPiT around. (This is the press technique)
Gently lift the plastic wrap off in a upward direction. (You'll get different effects depending on the direction you pull the plastic wrap off)
Decided it needed a bit more of the light blue so I added a few more dots & blew them to spread it out.
Let dry! I put a fan next to mine to speed it up because I am impatient .
Looks like marble!
THIS is the money shot!!! The pic itself looks like something that could hang in a museum! lol
You want to seal the SPiT to insure durability. I used this spray. A few coats is a good idea.
Let dry between coats.
Install the plate like you usually would & enjoy your custom made art! Definitely a conversation starter. All your friends & family will want some!
Unicorn SPiT gel stain is available NOW @ www.unicorn spit.com

The SPARKLiNG gel stain will be available January 2017!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT, plastic wrap, water, rustoleum clear gloss spray sealer, plastic outlet cover   (www.unicornSPiT.com)
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  • Kmd2432250 Kmd2432250 on Aug 31, 2018

    Could you put food colorings or mix nail polishes in a throw away container, mix together. Put on gloves and dip faceplate in mixture?

  • Terry Mortensen Terry Mortensen on Mar 22, 2019

    I would like to try it on plastic kids chair. Any advice?

  • Mary Ulrich Mary Ulrich on Apr 21, 2020

    When I put the plate back on the "outlet holes" and the "switches" stand out as they are white. How would I paint them to match the plate?

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