11 Pictures of Crazy Cool Uses for Tree Stumps

We don't know what it is about tree stumps that we love so much - maybe the natural texture, the joy of reusing materials, or the fact that they're completely free. Whatever the reason, we LOVE them, and we know you do too, which is why we collected some inspiring and crazy cool pictures of tree stump upcycles that you'd better not miss!

1. Tree Stump Planter

Photo via Mickey
Hollow out a fallen tree, add a couple drainage holes, fill it with potting soil, and then just add colorful plants. It couldn't be easier - or more beautiful!

2. Mini Fairy Home

Photo via Wendy B.
A tree stump is the perfect spot for an extravagant fairy lodge, especially after a staircase and a couple pieces of furniture have been added.

3. Chic Coffee Table

Photo via Alicia @Thrifty & Chic
Turn cut tree trunks into chic coffee tables to add a touch of natural texture to your living room. Leave them natural, add a paint-dipped effect, or give them a full color makeover.

4. Whimsical Garden Pathway

Photo via Katie and John @Sew Woodsy
Cut a tree trunk into slices, stain just a few of them, and create a gorgeous log pathway with plenty of color and character.

5. Small Side Tables

Photo via Nordic House
Create a modern-meets-rustic look, with these low white-legged wood slice tables, perfect for placing by a sofa or next to a bed. The more warped the tree trunk, the more interesting the table shape.

6. Outdoor Dining Seats

Photo via Kelly Annie
With some simple sawing techniques, a couple chunks of tree trunk become comfortable outdoor dining chairs, perfect for sitting back and relaxing by the fire.

7. Climbing Wall Play Set

Photo via Wife, Mother, Gardener
Ready to be parent of the year? This playset idea turns a cut tree into a child's play paradise, complete with climbing wall, crow's nest, and slide!

8. Vertical Succulent Planter

Photo via Jessica Johnson on flickr
Set a hollow trunk straight up and fill it with colorful succulents, for a peek-a-boo vertical planter full of unique personality.

9. Huge Flower Pot Planter

Photo via Lushome
Give a naked tree back its greenery, by covering it in layer upon layer of flower pots bursting with vibrant blooms.

10. Formal Seating

Photo via Fresh Exchange
If you're planning a big dinner or event, instead of hauling in armfuls of folding chairs, roll in some tree trunks for easy, free seating that looks absolutely whimsical.

11. Country-Industrial Table

Photo via Interiorholic
Use a heavy tree stump as a base and top it off with a concrete table top, for a country-industrial outdoor table that will charm the socks off your garden party guests.

Bonus: No stump? Turn any tree into an elf house:

Photo via 1001 Gardens
If you love the idea but you're fresh out of tree stump, set some sweet decorations on a living tree in your yard, to turn it into a real life fairy-tale home for some elves.
So, were we right? Did you love them? Let us know which idea was your favorite below, or share an idea you've tried yourself! We'd love to add you to the round-up.

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  • Michelle Hallowell Michelle Hallowell on Jul 30, 2018

    Have one with 3 nature made holes. I have found one small brass container which fits perfectly and I fill with sunflower seeds for the blue jays. I’d like to do lights in the other two?

  • Christine Christine on Nov 25, 2018

    What did you use to hang all the pots on the tree stub

  • Susan Bauer Susan Bauer on Apr 09, 2021

    Where do you get the windows and doors?


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  • DEE MCNEIL DEE MCNEIL on Aug 13, 2021

    I love all of the above.I have one old piece of a log with a hole in it.Will try to put some potting mix and a vining plant in it.What a clever idea you have provided.

  • Kevin smith Kevin smith on Aug 22, 2021

    Once you are done with felling a tree, all that remains is a tree stump. And for many of the users, that’s nothing but an idle piece of wood. But for some of us, it can be the stairway something as beautiful as a tree stump tea table, tree stump carving, tree stump rolling, etc.

    In case you have the plan to make something out fo the tree stump, it’s essential that you take proper step to uproot tree stump base with a tree stump extractor, and make it polished and usable. And one of the very first steps of doing so is, removing the bark from the stump.