This is how my wall looked BEFORE

Boring, right? I decided to do an ombré wall using dark gray, navy blue and white. Get tutorial here

First the dark...

I painted a large stripe the darker color (gray) on the bottom. You can use a roller to save time at this point. Get tutorial here

...Then the light

I did the same thing on the top, with my lighter color (white). Get tutorial here

Then blend at the middle

I started adding water to my brush, and overlapping the colors on the wall, letting them blend softly. Get tutorial here

My technique:

I worked in a crisscross pattern, but that is optional, since the colors will blend and the pattern won't show. Get tutorial here

Blend, blend, blend

I worked all the way across my wall, always keeping my brush wet. Get tutorial here

Next: touch up

The next day I made any adjustments I wanted using my tray to blend the colors. Get tutorial here

Plain Jane to Glam!

Although our bedroom before our recent overhaul wasn't terrible looking, it was definitely "Plain Jane." Get tutorial here

The bed

That's the same bed we had before but I upholstered the headboard! Get tutorial here

View from the bed

I repainted one of the dressers and removed the larger dresser out of room. Get tutorial here

No more boring walls!

These jewelry hangers are both decorative and functional. Get tutorial here

First: The windows

To bring in color and hide the vertical blinds and A/C unit, I took off the valance in front of the track. Get tutorial here

A renter-friendly hack

I used NoNo brackets that slide onto the existing vertical blind track- They're great when you don't want to make holes Get tutorial here

Colorful curtains

I pulled the curtains over the brackets on both ends so they could cover the entire wall, hiding the A/C unit. Get tutorial here

Then: Storage

I used a hanging jewelry box on the wall - it was the best solution to get the most storage without taking up any floor space. (Tikva Morrow) Get tutorial here

Place for jewlery

I used command hooks to hang more necklaces on the side of the jewelry box - they also serve as wall art which is nice. (Tikva Morrow) Get tutorial here

Place for shoes

I created shoe storage with tension rods and used cloth bins for clothes and other items. (Tikva Morrow) Get tutorial here

All done!

The entire makeover, including the jewelry box, curtains, and new bedding came in at only $266! Get tutorial here

This is all you need:

A design, paint, masking tape, a foam roller, a small brush & a tray Get tutorial here

Create your design & Paint!

After you’ve taped, stand back and make sure everything is correct before you start painting. Get tutorial here

Velvet Diamond-Tufted Headboard

My husband and I decided to try making our own velvet headboard in the PERFECT shade of peacock. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Make a template

We cut a piece of pegboard to the desired size of our headboard and marked where each tuft would go. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Use the template to mark the foam

Once the foam was marked, I used a paring knife to cut a cylinder out in each tufting spot. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Build the frame and legs

We stained the legs to match our bed, then screwed the pegboard to the front. Get tutorial here

Here we go!

We used a 6-inch decorator needle with an arm-length of waxed button thread for each tuft Get tutorial here

Finishing up...

When we finally finished all 62 tufts, we wrapped the fabric around the back and stapled it down. Get tutorial here

Here it is!

Our cat, Josie, is not all that impressed. She has terrible taste in furniture, though. Get tutorial here


To me, a master bedroom should be a place where you can come at the end of a long day and unwind. Get tutorial here

Serene, relaxing, and inviting.

I lightened up the space with some paint, DIYed some wall art, grabbed some budget friendly furniture and here it is now! Get tutorial here