Transforming Ugly Old Gravel Patio

by Symea
This area by the back fence gets no water. Last year we threw down gravel and old wicker, and left them out through the winter. Such neglect! It looks awful. So the grass decides to grow anyway, go figure.
old and neglected
Poor thing, I promised to give more love
First, I spent two days digging and making a two part patio (I found two adorable wrought iron chairs at the thrift store)
oh my back!
Using Krylon Sea Mist, I left some of the old brown showing through spots. My idea of distressing (or maybe cheap and lazy?)
Welcome home baby!
Where's the wrought iron you say??
Ta Daaaa
Here are some details you can't really see in the pics.
Solar lights in mason jars
My husband made his own succulent garden, found a figurine that looks just like our cat, Cheddar.
Found a few old windows on the road side, added some decals.
The green lanterns have a solar light inside. I held it in place with some dried green peas. Seemed like a good idea until it Now it is a lovely place to watch the sunset and have a lemonade.
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