Faux Granite Bathroom Countertop

Hometalker Christina Addie used a brilliantly creative method to produce the classy effect that granite bathroom countertops give off. After she laid a base color on the countertop, Christina used a sea sponge to blot on coffee bean, vanilla paste, and black paints. Super glaze tops it off to produce a faux granite countertop that looks just as good as the real thing. Get tutorial here

Granite Bathroom Countertop Effect

Don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on a piece of granite, as Hometalkers have shown the appeal of a faux granite bathroom countertop. This way, you can choose the colors to create your desired granite effect. Prime the surface, use a sea sponge to apply the paint, then add a layer of oil-based polyurethane to protect the countertop from water. Get tutorial here

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Hometalker Jacque took a concrete approach to this bathroom sink countertop, despite being unable to remove some of the tiles. Jacque applied three thick layers of concrete over the tiles, then brushed a liquid copper mixture on top for a metallic appearance. A patina coat and a layer of polyacrylic gave the countertop a hardy but homely finish. Get tutorial here

Charcoal Bathroom Sink Countertop Design

Hometalker Dysko7710 laid the foundations for this bathroom countertop redesign using a custom mixed base paint (including seven different varieties of paint). They used a slightly metallic charcoal color to create a classy industrial appearance, and also repainted the bathroom countertop cabinet to match. The contrast between the charcoal and the cabinet is striking. Get tutorial here

Faux Marble Bathroom Countertop Design

Hometalker Denise Hardy has shown how you can produce a fantastic marble bathroom countertop appearance, without actually needing any slabs of marble. The process involves the use of feathers and toothbrushes to create the veins and accents in the faux marble, while a final coat of polyvine varnish gives that famous smooth marble finish. Get tutorial here

Modern Bathroom Countertop with Giani Paint

If you’re looking for a contemporary countertop effect, then the use of Giani paint is one way to achieve a cool finish. Hometalker Jim Cox chose Giani paint to turn a worn countertop into the centerpiece in a classy bathroom. The contrast between the bathroom sink countertop and the subway tile of the backsplash is particularly eye-catching. Get tutorial here

Contact Paper Granite Bathroom Countertop

If you’re looking to create a faux granite countertop without the process of painting, then granite contact paper is surely the most fitting solution. Patiently lay, smooth, and trim the paper, then apply the crucial layer of varnish to prevent peeling. There is plenty of space for bathroom countertop storage atop the granite décor. Get tutorial here

Classy DIY Quartz Bathroom Countertop

Hometalker Steve took a partially pre-fabricated slab of quartz and transformed it into a countertop that fits seamlessly with the room’s theme. To replicate this, use a diamond blade to cut the quartz to size, and a wet polisher to tidy up exposed edges. Being able to trim the material allows you to create quartz bathroom countertops that are the perfect size. Get tutorial here

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Hometalker Flawless Chaos joined the concrete bathroom vanity countertop trend by making one from scratch, following a clear set of steps. The most practical work comes with filling the mold, pouring the concrete, and patching any holes. The design stage allows you to stain the concrete to your heart’s content before rounding off the bathroom countertop with sealer. Get tutorial here

Unique Epoxy Pattern on Laminate Countertop

Epoxy can be applied over a laminate countertop to create unique designs that really stand out. Hometalker Mary showed as much, using tasteful accent colors to contrast the black bathroom countertop. The result is an end product that is truly one of a kind. Be careful and protect the surrounding areas, as epoxy tends to drip. Get tutorial here

Rustic Wooden Bathroom Countertop Storage

If you have a rustic farmhouse theme in the rest of your house, then why not keep it going in the bathroom? A wooden bathroom vanity countertop can be cut and sanded to fit the existing sink, while the wood offers a durable surface to withstand splashes. Coat the wood with urethane if you’re looking for a particularly sleek finish. Get tutorial here

Distressed Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Hometalker Amy Rommel created a bathroom vanity countertop with an attractive retro appearance, using a combination of cabinet paint and sandpaper for that classic distressed look. A vessel sink added on top of the vanity provides a nice contrast between the old and the new, a clear example of how cabinets can be cleverly repurposed. Get tutorial here

Modern Bathroom Countertop Cabinet

Hometalker Diva of DIY brought together two unrelated elements to create a striking bathroom vanity countertop combo. The bathroom countertop cabinet is an IKEA dresser, while the countertop is a trimmed and sealed piece of plywood. They work together beautifully as furniture that fits in with a lake house décor, or, ultimately, any modern bathroom. Get tutorial here