DIY Outdoor Patio Ideas

The perfect patio can take your outdoor space from plain to spectacular. Looking for the tips, tricks, and techniques to make your patio yourself? Allow the Hometalk community to help! Learn how to lay pavers without the help of a professional. Ask a question on our question board or find inspiration in our slideshows. Go on in!

Create a Perfect Patio
Add a fireplace
Add entertainment value to your patio with a fireplace or fire pit. A fire is a great way to add extra light, warmth, and ambience at night.
Create a lookout deck
Create a lookout deck by arranging furniture to face the view. Position the components of your patio with the view as the center.
Hang a hammock
Hammocks provide comfortable alternatives to regular furniture. Choose natural materials and neutral colors.
Keep it simple
Go for a minimalistic design. Leave an open space in the center and position any furniture along the outside perimeter.
Decorate with cushions
Use cushions to add color or a theme. Be bold with bright colors and animal prints or bring a gentle vibe with pastels and linen covers.
Top DIY Patio Projects

Looking to add a patio to your house? Here are the top outdoor patio projects.

Outdoor Patio Videos

Watch DIY outdoor patio videos to get some direction for your own project.

How to Build Cinder Block Steps

I needed some steps going out the back of the garage because the step down was very far. After scouring the internet on how to build regular steps and watching a ton of videos on YouTube, I figured there had to be an easier way.

Outdoor Living Patio Area (Before & After)

This Outdoor Living Patio Area project included installation of new patio area, pergola, front and side walkways, and lighting as per our design. As you can tell from the before pictures we basically started with a blank canvas. A small existing patio was removed and a masterpiece was created. Installed was approximately 530 square feet of patio area with a landing step area at the rear door. We used Techo-Bloc ‘Blu 60 Smooth’ pavers for the patio area as well as the front walkway. The existing Front and side walks were removed prior to the hardscape installation. Outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and step were all constructed with Techo-Bloc ‘Graphix’ wall stone. Fire pit and step capped with Techo-Bloc ‘Graphix’ Cap. The Outdoor kitchen is topped with a custom marble counter top. 38? grill and 38? double access door were installed in kitchen area. The Pergola is constructed using Western Red Cedar and stained to compliment the hardscaping. Low voltage LED lighting that was installed includes, under cap lighting on step and kitchen; up lights on trees (2 lights each); and a 150 watt transformer. Landscape beds and new plants were installed around the new patio area. The Landscaping included, mulching of new landscape beds, Repair, grade, and seeding damaged lawn areas as well as Trimming existing Hydrangea and Boxwoods. This Outdoor living patio area was installed in Lancaster, PA.

DIY Patio With WalkMaker Mold

This is a concrete patio made with individual diy pavers using the walkmaker concrete molds.

DIY Concrete Glaze With Fabric Dye and Sealer

We glazed a patio with color using liquid fabric dye mixed into concrete sealer. The sealer helps lock the color into the surface. We've have lots of tips on how to use this technique on other types of concrete, and more on our longer video here.

New Outdoor Patio Projects

Searching for what's hot and trending in outdoor patios? Look no further.

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