Laying patio pavers on sandy soil

Lagree Wyndham
by Lagree Wyndham
I just came into a large number of patio pavers at my favorite price "FREE" I just have to move them( sweat equity). I want to lay a patio in back of house (all other projects are on hold). My soil is well drained and well packed sand. I will be regrading back yard due to large tree removal. Will it be necessary for a "base to be installed on this type of soil once regraded and packed, also I live in zone 8?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 05, 2016
    In order for the pavers to lay correctly you really should use the base layer prior to installation. I to have very sandy soil and in one area I did not and the pavers more moved and not in the right way. Learn from someone else mistake.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 05, 2016
    The base is necessary.
  • Bobbie Littlefield Bobbie Littlefield on Apr 06, 2016
    I agree with Janet above - also, make SURE you have the right drainage slope away from the house to prevent water damage to your structure. You may want to install a french drain for proper drainage at the back end of your slope out to your to NOT have a lake in your back yard even with sand.... Also, if you want your pavers to show the natural rock patterns brightly, you can treat them with Thompsons water seal...
  • CAM CAM on Apr 06, 2016
    Worked for a landscape company 3 inches of base compacted and then about 1 to 2 inches of sand for grading and leveling and then after pavers are set silica sand broomed over pavers to fill in cracks