DIY Outdoor Deck Ideas

Want to build the deck of your dreams? Which wood is right for your project? How do you properly stain and seal for the finish you desire? Check out Hometalk for all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to get you going. Browse our top, best, and most popular projects to build your deck and start enjoying it.

Get Creative with Your Deck

Add a sofa

Design your deck to be comfortable and stylish by adding sofas in the color of your choice. Use covers to protect them from the sun and rain.

Design a rounded deck

Choose something different by going with a round or oval deck design. It may take longer to build, but the results will be worth the wait.

Use transparent roofing

Protect yourself from the elements by adding transparent roofing. This is a great way to add cover while still allowing the light in.

Go for deck dining

Make use of your deck space by adding a dining table and chairs. Use your deck to entertain friends or enjoy family meals.

Add stairs

Get dimension and depth on your deck with stairs. Stairs also double up as extra seating for guests. Even three stairs can make an impact.

Top DIY Deck Projects

Top outdoor deck projects to inspire you to update your outdoor space.

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week so far! This milk crate DIY came to me after making a DIY Storage Bench. A lot of you guys wanted things that provided more storage. I was able to get 8 milk crates and rather than stacking them with only 4 bins (2 on each side), I wanted to create something with 8 storage bins/shelves. There really is no front or back because it looks good (and provides storage) at every angle. You can easily storage bins if you prefer to have your clutter hidden. They store A LOT of stuff and are very sturdy.YOU WILL NEED:Milk Crates/Zip Ties/Plywood

DIY Modern Deck Pergola

Looking to create some visual interest and add character to that deck? It's not hard to create a beautiful and simple deck pergola! You can add lights, plants, etc and make a space that wows!

LIVE From a Hometalker’s French Country Townhouse

Hometalk went live at Lory's French country townhouse! You're about to get some amazing decorating ideas and design tricks -- plus, a chance to win a Hometalk t-shirt! Watch the video to see Lory's gorgeous home, and then leave her a tablescape design suggestion in the comments below for a chance to WIN a Hometalk t-shirt! (Winner will be announced here next Wednesday.)

Considering a composite deck? Deck building tricks and tips from our "

Want Low Mainenance? Try the "NEW" compositeand PVC decks. The staining and mold issues are gone, they are fade and scratch resistant and the colors are so realistic! Below are some shots of a big 2 level Timbertech XLM PVC deck, with Trick and tips on each photo.

New Outdoor Deck Projects

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